Lady Voyeur – Season 1 Episode 5 “Crime and Punishment” Recap & Review

Crime and Punishment

Episode 5 of Lady Voyeur starts on January 6 with Miranda staring at Cleo, whom she’s been looking for days. Although shocked, her face radiates with the hope that her neighbour is finally alive. Unpredictably, Miranda gets attacked and later finds herself tied with Cleo lying dead on the floor.

We are taken back three months earlier and Heitor is infuriated that it was Diana who killed Bernardo. For 13 years, he has felt guilt, believing he was a killer. The betrayal from his wife, whom they spent over a decade with, is a tough pill to swallow. Before marrying Diana, Heitor was in love with Helena, Bernardo’s sister.

Diana calls Fernando to her house to inform him about the video recorded by Zoe. The footage shows Diana kicking Bernardo and drowning him in a swimming pool. This is the evidence Zoe has been using for the longest time to blackmail Diana.

Seated beside the pool, Helena recalls having an exchange with Diana. It’s not clear if that chat happened during the night Diana died. Heitor informs Helena about the video and Luisa’s father. They end up sleeping together. As Heitor leaves, Ms Victoria appears and accuses Helena of sleeping with people’s husbands. She reveals that Helena was sleeping with her late husband, Emilio.

On the other side, detectives are trying to connect the dot, connecting that Helena and Zoe always had a sinister motive against Diana. Zoe blackmailed Diana to extort more money, while Helena has always been on a revenge mission. The two had to cover each other to fulfil their missions.

Fernando has warned Miranda to be vigilant when dealing with Heitor since he’s a manipulator, but her instincts tell her otherwise. As she collects more information about this family, Miranda feels more confused about who to trust between the two men. But she vows to go ruthlessly for the truth.

Rafael registers for dancing classes to be close to Rita. But he could have had the motive to use Rita to get closer to Miranda. Being Heitor’s bodyguard, he might be on a mission for his boss. Miranda warns Rita against getting involved with this family and to be careful with her moves. Otto wants Rita back, but our dancing queen has moved on.

For Miranda, life doesn’t revolve around hacking systems only. Exploring the sexual world with Fernando spices up her life. Well, monotony makes life dull! But hallucinations are catching up with her. Her grandma also keeps hallucinating about Gabriela, Miranda’s older sister. Is Miranda ready to face the reality that she might have inherited the disease from her grandmother?

Back at Hotel Prado, Heitor requests Miranda to send the video to the police anonymously. Heitor excuses himself to talk with Zoe. However, Miranda later finds Zoe killed in an elevator. The entire story is taking a titillating twist that’s becoming hard to unearth. Episode 5 comes to an end showing us Miranda tied to the bed with Dr Alice beside her. She lets Miranda know that she’s pregnant. Sadly, the doctor wants to abort Miranda’s baby without her consent.

The Episode Review

The life of Miranda has drastically changed from spying on people to investigating a dangerous conspiracy. With the death of Diana and Zoe, everything is getting complicated. But who could be behind these murders, and why?

As advised earlier, Miranda should be vigilant with Heitor. He might be smart in covering his moves to keep his sex trafficking business afloat.

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