Lady Voyeur – Season 1 Episode 7 “She’s Among Us” Recap &Review

She’s Among Us

Episode 7 of Lady Voyeur starts with the unknown man shooting the doctor and taking Miranda with him. Why did he spare Miranda? The unknown man turns out to be the new neighbour that took over Miranda’s old apartment. Could it be a coincidence or a well-planned conspiracy?

Two months earlier, Miranda recognized Rafael through his bracelet. She knows her friend is potentially in danger and is not ready to lose her. Rita has been heartbroken before, but her relationship with Rafael can be more than just heartbreak. She seems happy, but Miranda has to warn Rita to stop this relationship.

Heitor is trying to figure out who could be Luisa’s father. He asks Rafael if he can remember any other man who was close to Diana back then. However, we can see that Diana and Rafael exchanged passionate gestures at some point. Is it too early to conclude that at some point, Diana and Rafel had a sexual relationship?

Miranda informs Fernando about Rafael’s bracelet and how he threatened her. At this point, Fernando tells Miranda that Rafael had, at one point, nose-dived into debt and drugs. Heitor paid his debts and rehab expenses. Since then, Rafael takes his boss’s orders like a puppy. Fernando insinuates that Heitor could use Rafael to torture girls and even threaten Miranda.

Otto tries to woo Rita back, but she has moved on, and Rafael hypnotizes her.

After a romantic moment with Fernando, he confesses that Diana had told him that Heitor wasn’t Luisa’s father. Miranda asks if Diana told him who the father is and he responds that she never did

Detectives are investigating Miranda’s life, which they find complicated and sad.

On the other hand, Rita tells Rafael that she wants to withhold sex so that they can figure out their relationship. She wants romance and Rafael is willing to try and give it to her.

Miranda is undertaking her assignments pretty well, and now she has found that Rafael and Diana had an affair 13 years back.  She tells Heitor and she also shares her worries that he is dating Rita. Heitor confronts Rafael and beats him, but Rafael doesn’t defend himself out of guilt.

As Miranda tries to recall what happened that night at the party in what seems like a trance. Paulo, the man who has been watching her from old Cleo’s apartment, knocks. He asks if she has heard from Cleo and whether she has reported Cleo as missing. Miranda lets him know that she is yet to report the situation to the police and he leaves.

Miranda’s grandmother tells her that Gabriela visited her. Miranda thinks it’s another hallucination moment, but she sees some flowers. It’s mind-blowing to think Gabriela could be alive after all these years. What has she been up to?

Cleo shows up and warns Miranda about Fernando and Heitor. Although she’s free, her freedom comes with some conditions. Cleo is still afraid of her life and wants to start a new life. She also claims that some people tried to auction her, and Heitor was the highest bidder. From her experience, Cleo knows Heitor as perverted and manipulative.

Miranda starts thinking Heitor could be behind Zoe and Diana’s deaths. But she has two options; to walk away from this puzzle or dig deeper to unearth the truth.

Victoria calls for a family meeting to inform them about her long-lost daughter. Astonishingly, it’s Cleo! She wrote in her diary that she finally found her family but that they were too powerful.

The episode ends when Miranda is getting buried alive by Paulo. And who else is there? Victoria!

The Episode Review

When you think you’re trying to figure out things, another puzzle pops up. It’s getting quite intriguing, and all we can do is watch the next episode.

Although you could tell Victoria was full of hatred, you couldn’t imagine she could be this evil. She might also be behind all these death with an unknown motive. Why is she burying a pregnant Miranda alive? What is her connection to Paulo?

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