Lady Voyeur – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Perfect Lie” Recap & Review

The Perfect Lie

Episode 4 of Lady Voyeur starts on January 6th with Miranda tied to a bed in an unknown house. The caregiver lady explains that they had to sedate her to keep her calm. However, Miranda hits her in a bid to escape.

Again, the timeline takes us back three months earlier, in October. Heitor wants Miranda to throw herself into solving the conspiracy surrounding Diana. Heitor doesn’t want to leave any traces behind especially when it comes to Diana. Besides, he wants to know if Miranda and Fernando are dating.

Heitor tells Fernando that she didn’t kill Diana, although he never loved her. At this point, we get to know how the two got married. Diana lied to cover up for Heitor after killing Bernardo. So the marriage between the two had to happen as blackmail. The turning of events is getting searing as investigators discover that Diana had transferred a considerable amount of money to a specific account. Unveiling this account’s owner can lead to Diana’s murder.

Before drowning in a pool, Diana had a heated conversation with Zoe about money transfers. Fernando also learns that the sex party occurred at Zoe’s abandoned home. Using her unrivalled tech skills, Miranda discovers Diana had a female lover called Cristina.

Zoe’s arrival the night Diana died triggers Heitor’s thoughts. Helena has always had feelings for Heitor, and with Diana’s absence, she’s not hesitating to be close to Heitor.

Fernando and Miranda are hooked on finding the woman Diana was communicating with. The location directs them to Convent Santa Marcelina Archdiocese. On checking the records, they find Cristina is called Sister Socorro. To their surprise, Socorro isn’t Diana’s lover, but rather her mother! She got pregnant while in seminary, and her Mother Superior advised her to give her baby to a nice family.

That’s how Mrs Victoria adopted Diana. Secret after secret about Diana’s life makes Fernando feel betrayed and begrudged.

Sadness mood engulfs the family as Diana is laid to rest. Sister Socorro’s loss is unbearable, and her love for her daughter was unconditional. Detectives arrest Zoe for more interrogation after discovering she was the recipient of money transfers from Diana.

The scene gets more exciting as Miranda and Heitor find a file where Diana killed Bernardo. All along, Heitor has lived in guilt, thinking he killed his best friend. Diana used this as bait to blackmail Heitor into marrying her. She lived in opulence but in shadows. Her life was a perfect lie!

The timeline goes back to three months earlier as Miranda tries to escape. She finds Cleo tied in the same building, leaving us with more questions but with an eagerness to move to the next episode.

The Episode Review

Everyone has a secret, and most people live in their shadows. However, some decisions hurt and haunt others for the rest of their lives. Although it all started as an erotic-filled series, the conspiracies are taking the better part of the show.

Up to this juncture, the show is keeping us hooked. There is more to be discovered, and it seems no one can be trusted.

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