Lady Voyeur – Season 1 Episode 3 “Fragmented” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Lady Voyeur starts with Miranda in an ambulance. Although the sedation effects have taken the better part of her, she is a bit conscious. “You did a very serious thing. Someone had to stop you.” The doctor echoes these words while she struggles to stay conscious.

Diana drowned in the swimming pool, and when Miranda discovers she’s not alive, she has no option but to leave her. Consciously, she wouldn’t want to get involved in another murder case. Miranda has to escape from Heitor’s house. It’s October 13, 7:30 am, and she can’t recall what happened the night before. Since Cleo went away for a weekend, Miranda’s life has become an intriguing mess.

She recalls arriving at the sex party, but after getting drugged, she cannot remember anything since her memory is fragmented.

Gloria, Diana’s worker conveys her concern to Heitor about Diana missing. In episode 1, Heitor discovers Luisa is not her daughter. Since then, he’s been searching for more information about Luisa’s father. He gets the name at the party; surprisingly, it’s Bernardo.

The chief homicide officer takes over Diana’s death case and interrogates Heitor about it. She finds it weird that the billionaire has no CCTV cameras at home. But the neighbours’ cameras might reveal what happened that night. Sadness engulfs Fernando after discovering the demise of her sister.

As a tech geek, Miranda has to find out what happened by doing what she does best. It’s at this moment that she discovers Fernando is married to Zoe. The interrogation goes on, and Heitor reveals that Diana was also at the party, and they had an argument just like any normal couple. After questioning, Heitor gets arrested shortly as the prime suspect.

Joca, an IT guru tries to uncover what happened that night. He discovers a figure wearing the gardener’s uniform on the CCTV footage. We know how Miranda escaped from Heitor’s house. Could this put her in danger and be considered a murderer?

Fernando is infuriated about his sister’s death and believes Heitor has something to do with it. A fight ensues, but Rafael separates the two.

In a delirium, Heitor pops in at Miranda’s house and reminds her of what transpired that night. They have sex, and he even confesses that Miranda helped him kill Diana. Her delirium is cut short by a knock at the door. It turns out to be Heitor.

At the end of the episode, Heitor asks Miranda to help him investigate Diana as he doesn’t trust the police.

At the present time, Miranda’s disappearance from the hospital leads the police to believe that someone at the hospital is connected to the case.  The doctor also reveals that  Miranda is pregnant and they need to find her quickly.

The Episode Review

Miranda might find herself entangled in another murder case. Although we know Miranda isn’t a murderer, we also understand that the law is a sharp-edged sword. Probably her hacking skills might help her uncover the truth.

Lies, deception, and betrayal are what drove almost everyone in this episode, and every character seems to have a hidden secret. The plot is yet to flow seamlessly, but we are slowly putting the pieces together. Who killed Diana and why? Miranda being pregnant was a twist we certainly didn’t see coming.

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