Lady Voyeur – Season 1 Episode 2 “Every Action Has a Reaction” Recap & Review

Every Action Has a Reaction

Episode 2 of Lady Voyeur starts on January 1st with Miranda being admitted to the hospital. Due to the sedation, the doctor tells her she might feel a bit confused. The police chief visits her in the hospital for interrogation. However, she seems unable to answer questions or identify the man who pushed her down the balcony.

The timeline goes back to three months ago with Miranda helping Heitor to restore his systems. Diana meets Miranda for the first time, and Fernando excuses himself to chat with Luisa, Heitor’s daughter. Diana confesses to her mother that Heitor is cheating on him, but she encourages her to forgive Heitor. She claims that Diana living a lie about Luisa’s father is far much worse.

Let’s go back to October 11, and Miranda feels restless. Her neighbour Cleo is not yet back, and she is wondering if anyone could be on her neck due to the client’s death. Could this make her live in fear for the rest of her life?

Her friend Rita pops in and suggests that she should get a man. She also inquires about Cleo and feels concerned that she’s not yet back. Fernando, the step-brother to Diana, asks Heitor if he likes Miranda. Heitor is prurient and needs to know if the hacker girl and Fernando are close. It would have been Bernardo’s birthday today, and Fernando feels visiting the grave site would have been appropriate.

However, Heitor declines to accompany his brother-in-law and Helena (Bernardo’s sister) to the cemetery. Could it be that guilt is eating him up? Remember, Heitor did hit and let Bernando drown in a swimming pool. Helena reminds Heitor that her brother loved him and always looked up to him as his role model.

At Hotel Prado, Miranda fixes the bug but suggests the security needs a better upgrade to avoid any breach. However, Heitor warns Miranda of talking about anything to anyone.

Meanwhile, Diana feels frustrated that her husband ignores her, yet she loves him. But this scene brings out the act of betrayal. If she ever loved him, why lie to Heitor that he’s the father of Luisa, who is now 13 years old?

Miranda is urged to stay away from Fernando’s family since it’s full of mystery, deception, and secrets. But how can she do this, yet she’s now working for Heitor, and Fernando helped her cover the murder?

She finds a video of Cleo asking for her help since she’s locked in room 1202 at Prado Hotel. She goes to the hotel and sneaks into the room.  Heitor also happens to check in at the same hotel room but Miranda hides in the bathroom. Heitor grabs a gun and leaves. Miranda sees a phone and takes it. She gets back to her apartment and goes through the phone. She finds a video left by Cleo.

Through the video, Cleo guides Miranda in attending an orgy party on her behalf. Coincidentally, Heitor has an invitation to the same place.

Diana confesses to Fernando that Heitor is not Luisa’s father. Will he keep another secret? Bernando died 13 years ago, and Luisa is 13 years now. Could it be that he was Luisa’s father? This’s another intriguing mystery to discover.

As Miranda tries to follow Heitor, she’s drugged only to find herself tied down in an unknown place. In the swimming pool is Diana, who seems unconscious. Miranda frees herself and dives into the swimming pool to save Diana.  The episode ends with Miranda at the hospital being questioned by the police chief.  Someone dressed as a hospital nurse is listening, he makes a call, notifying the other party that the police are at the hospital. He tells the other party that they need to take care of Miranda.

A doctor stops the interrogation citing Miranda needs rest and is not well enough to answer police questions. The episode ends with Miranda being kidnapped and taken into an ambulance.

The Episode Review

We were eager to know who tried to attack Miranda and pushed her down the balcony. However, we have to wait and see what unfolds in the next episode. This scene is more of uncovering the character’s real identity bit by bit.

Her mission to uncover secrets is chancy, and she might not disentangle herself from this quagmire. Perhaps episode 3 can help us find more information about the show characters and what they’re up to.

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