La Casa De Papel – Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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With the power out and the surgery resting precariously on a knife-edge, episode 2 of Season 4 of La Casa De Papel begins with Tokyo making her choice and deciding to go ahead with the operation. She manages to take out the bullet and the chunk of lung but without instruction from the doctors on the video, Tokyo and the others remain in the dark around whether they’ve actually saved or killed Nairobi by doing this.

Angel takes Lisbon back to headquarters dressed in police gear. When she removes her mask, she finds herself face to face with Sierra.

Meanwhile Artura is patched up by Amanda while Denver watches from afar. Rio takes him aside though and talks to Denver about his temper, telling him to keep it under control. Denver bites back though, calling him a fool for breaking up with Tokyo and comparing her to a Maserati.

Palermo packs up his things and decides to leave the bank. After placing down a couple of claymores by the entrance, he looks set to open the doors but Tokyo is having none of it, firing her gun before he can press it. When he refuses to engage with her, she points the gun at his head but Palermo has the upper-hand, showing a remote control for the bombs.

Helsinki takes control of the situation, grabbing both claymores and walking toward Palermo. After hugging him tightly, Tokyo snatches the remote control from his hand as the tension dissipates.

With Palermo tied up, Tokyo radios through to the Professor and updates him on the situation. He pleads with her to take control and keep everything on the right path. After she calls him a guardian angel, they talk about Lisbon and how she died.

Tokyo keeps a level head in the middle of his explanation and tells him that because there’s no body and it wasn’t moved, Lisbon may still be alive. The Professor suddenly realizes the truth and hurries back to his bike with Marseille.

They make it to the Bank and the Professor, disguised in the familiar Dali mask, watches as all the pieces of evidence align with what Tokyo has said – Lisbon is still alive and being interrogated. The Professor manages to find a mole in the form of Inspector Murillo and tasks him with infiltrating the police tent. However, he jumps out the window and plunges in the pool down below instead.

Sierra begins interrogating Lisbon and brings out a lot of the Professor’s traits, hitting her right at the heart of her insecurities. This brings us back to the moment she’s called the weak link of the team and it seems to get through to her. Sierra goes one step further and offers to destroy all the evidence they have on Lisbon in exchange for her cooperation. She refuses but Sierra promises to go after her family, giving her the choice of 5 years in prison compared to 70. As she tells her the choice is hers, Sierra leaves her to stew over this option.

With a lack of movement on the actual heist and a lot more character drama, La Casa De Papel slows its pace down on the back of season 3. Now, as a continuous 16 episode season (as this seemingly appears to have been shot as), this slowed down pace would be fine but given the manner in which Nairobi’s surgery was finished and the lack of any sort of action through much of the season so far, in comparison to previous seasons Part 4 has been a bit of a let-down.

Of course, there’s still time to change things and Sierra interrogating Lisbon is certainly tense as she starts to crack under the pressure, as is Palermo’s stand-off at the entrance, but beyond that there isn’t a lot to get excited about in this episode.

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