La Casa De Papel – Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Review

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La Casa De Papel (or the very generic Money Heist as it’s now commonly known as) is a series that’s always lived and died by its action set pieces. The first season was an adrenaline-soaked thrill ride of epic proportions and despite some plot contrivances, did well to keep things consistently exciting and tense. The second felt like a continuation of the first and as a collective whole, did well to add a conclusive chapter to proceedings.

Of course, with shows as internationally successful as La Casa De Papel it’s always difficult to put things to bed and the Hollywood sequel machine geared up again to deliver a surprisingly well written third season. After the cliffhanger ending last time out, La Casa De Papel returns for part 4 and a continuation of where we left off, feeling very much like the second half of season 3.

Episode 1 of Season 4 of La Casa De Papel begins with the doors to the bank being shut and the RPG destroying the armoured truck. Desperate to save Nairobi’s life, Tokyo and Helsinki rush her to an empty room to check on the damage. After learning the bullet is in the lower part of Nairobi’s lung, she goes into shock. Thankfully they manage to save her thanks to some quick thinking.

We then cut back to the classroom as we learn about Stage 3: Resistance. The Professor tells them no one can get out of the bank once they’re in there but promises to do just that. Remaining in the past, we also see Tokyo making her play to be the leader of the Heist, telling The Professor that when things go to hell she can step up.

Believing Raquel to be shot dead, The Professor cocks his gun and races through the forest, drowning in grief. He radios through to Palermo who begs him for help but right now the Professor is in big trouble. Thankfully, he manages to hide out in a drinking trough as the police close in. This isn’t the end though and The Professor makes his play, calling on his colleague Marseille to help trick Angel and the others into thinking he’s on a highway 42km away.

As the police race off in search of this phantom signal, The Professor phones Sierra and promises hell to pay when he gets out of his situation. Hanging up the phone, we cut back in time once more and see this was all part of Operation Hamlin, a way of fooling the police but also with plenty of evidence to make it look like they’re on the right trail.

Nairobi makes her choice and decides to let the group cut her open and take the bullet out. She calls for Helsinki, who takes her hand and tells her it’s going to be okay. Tokyo makes her move and assumes control of the situation, taking charge despite Palermo sneering and doubting her. However, he does step down for now.

From a video broadcast, Tokyo and the others start surgery while Denver grabs those with the right blood type to come with him to start the transfusion for Nairobi. Unfortunately one of those is Arturo who isn’t sure what blood type he actually is and it prompts Denver to slap him across the mouth repeatedly. Unfortunately this is too much for Stockholm who tells him he has too much rage and she doesn’t recognize him anymore, subsequently walking away.

With the plan in motion, The Professor and Marseille manage to carry out their side of the plan and hurry off. As they do, Angel and the others find the smashed up car with traces of blood, believing it to be belonging to The Professor. Unfortunately an increase in electromagnetic signals inside the bank gets back to Tamayo and the others who realize there’s a video call going on inside. Making a judgement call, and in the midst of a very crucial step in this operation, Tamayo decides to cut the cord, which also cuts all electricity in the surrounding area, leaving the group hanging on a knife-edge in the middle of surgery.

With our characters now out of their tricky situations, Season 4 gets off to a pretty good start although the slower pace and more confined spaces our characters find themselves in lacks some of the early season tension felt last time out. The idea of putting Tokyo in charge is a little forced too, especially given how emotional she was last season with the whole Rio issue, and given no one really calls her out for this is a bit annoying.

Still, the Professor clearly has a plan in store for our characters but whether this season can step it up and deliver some of the tension rife in the earlier parts of this continuing story or not, remains to be seen.


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