La Casa De Papel – Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Anatomy Lesson

Episode 3 of Season 4 of La Casa De Papel begins with the Professor and Marseille saving Inspector Murillo and offering him an alibi and one million euros. In exchange, they want him to work with them to pass a message on to Lisbon. That message being that the Professor is still alive. With the watch as proof, Murillo heads back to the police tent.

Denver watches as Rio talks to Stockholm and decides against giving her his gift. His paranoia gets the better of him though and he suspects there’s something going on. Bogota calms him down and they talk about the moments when Denver and Stockholm fell in love.

Day 1 of The Heist in Southern Spain sees us back in time with Lisbon phoning her daughter and Mother before burning her phone. Only, in the present the investigators find this van and even worse, find the fragments of the SIM card and a possibility that the electronic data could be extracted.

The police get their breakthrough and manage to compare the numbers extracted from the chip with sales records to track down exactly where Lisbon is keeping her family. That happens to be in the Philippines. Inspector Murillo feeds this back to the Professor and despite his clear anger at the situation, the Professor tells him to stick to the plan and show Lisbon the watch.

The Professor makes it to his base of operations and radios through to Tokyo again, updating her on what’s going on. He promises to come up with a solution and in doing so, tasks Tokyo with gaining Palermo’s help and asking him to formulate a plan to save Lisbon.

On the verge of Lisbon caving and offering up a phone number to save her family, Inspector Murillo arrives with coffee and the watch tied securely around his wrist. This is enough for her to stay strong and not give in to temptation, knowing that the Professor is still alive.

While Tokyo and Denver watch Rio and Stockholm talking from afar, they make fun of them but, unbeknownst to them, Rio is actually telling her about his horrifying ordeal in the desert and how he was made to dig his own grave. It’s a tough story and one that sees Stockholm hug him, much to Denver’s displeasure.

Meanwhile, Palermo makes his move and decides to cause chaos inside the bank, helping Gandia break free from his restraints and push Rio to the edge. As he points the gun at him, Rio is unable to fire and watches the man slip away while Nairobi awakens from her sleep; the surgery was a success.

With lots more soap opera drama and the start of the “misunderstanding” trope surrounding Rio and Denver, there isn’t much movement in terms of the heist itself. Everything appears to be stuck in a bit of a rut but thankfully the ending to this episode does help things feel a little more progressive and promises more tension and action to come.

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