Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Teatime Trouble

Episode 6 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 kicks off with Ping and Forouzan arriving at the Mage’s Island. Upon arrival, Forouzan declares her retirement and firmly refuses to accompany Ping and the weapons to England. It’s then that they realize the Mages have launched an assault on their ship. Instead of defending it, Ping seizes the crate and makes a dash to conceal it. Forouzan instructs Alice to safeguard the ship, then follows Ping.

Blade and her companions embark on a journey to Blade’s house, eager to peruse the books, while Po eagerly anticipates tasting the food. Blade issues a caution about her mother’s disposition. Upon reaching the house, the group is left in awe. Blade stealthily ascends through the window, reaching Alfie’s door.

Suddenly, her mother catches her in the act and confronts her. Po and the others come crashing into the house, much to Mother’s delight, who extends a warm invitation for tea. Po thoroughly relishes the cupcakes, and the group proceeds to introduce themselves to Blade’s mother. She initiates a conversation about her expectations for Blade, leading to a tense exchange. Blade grows frustrated and departs in search of Alfie’s diary.

Ping and Forouzan manage to evade into the woods, but the Mages persistently give chase.

Meanwhile, Po assists Blade in the search for the diary. She opens up to him about her mother and Alfie, also divulging details about Alfie’s accomplishments. Finally, they locate the journal, carefully tucked away in the corner of the room, revealing a symbol associated with the lost city of Tianshang.

Upon the discovery, Blade suggests they depart. Akna, Po, and Rukmini are enjoying themselves and persuade her to stay a bit longer. Just then, they hear pounding on the doors, accompanied by Drake’s warnings to surrender. The group arms themselves and readies for a clash against Drake and his soldiers. Rukmini wields the mace, while Blade takes up the axe.

A skirmish ensues between the friends and the Knights, with Po and the others swiftly gaining the upper hand. Suddenly, Drake strides in, engaging Blade. He successfully gains the upper hand over her until reinforcements arrive. As the reinforcements swarm in, Blade deploys a smoke bomb to vanish from the scene and make her escape. Colin allows them to slip away, informing Drake that he was instructed not to pursue.

Back on the Mage’s Island, Ping and Forouzan find themselves at a dead end, hearing the Mages closing in. Just then, a rope descends, offering them an escape route with the crate. They follow it to the ship, where Klaus eagerly awaits their arrival.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 follows the Dragon Knights into Blade’s house as they look for Alfie’s journal for clues on Tianshang. This encounter brings Po into Blade’s house and the group witnesses the drama of the mother and daughter unfold. The episode does a great job of showing how mothers have good intentions, but somehow manage to find the worst ways to execute them.

The Knights of England have now become full-time vigilantes of the Dragon Knights, following them at every move. They, however, aren’t dreaded and fail to be formidable opponents. Considering they are the only opponents of the Dragon Knights these episodes are devoid of good action sequences.

Parallel to this, Ping and Forouzan also have a bit going on the Mages’ Island. The chapter shockingly reveals Klaus as the one who helps them escape the Mages. The show really does a good job of retaining its characters into relevant roles by making efforts to reshape the character.

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