Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Benny and the Jests

Episode 7 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 begins with Ping and Forouzan on the ship with Klaus. Ping tries to convince her that Klaus isn’t trustworthy, but Forouzan passes it as paranoia. Klaus promises them he isn’t interested in the weapons as he explains his plan to reunite the Mages.

Back in London Po, Blade and the others search for the symbol from Alfie’s journal. They look high and low, but the symbol is nowhere to be found. Po feels sad as he realizes the end of the mission is near. As they run out of time, they decide to seek help from someone who knows the city well.

Blade decides to head over to Jest Pests and seek Benny’s help in finding the symbol. As Blade approaches him, he flinches thinking they are here to collect money and also telling them about his team on inquiry. He takes a look at the symbol and agrees to show them the way to reach it. The group sets out following him in search of the symbol.

Meanwhile, Ping and Forouzan follow Klaus with the crate. Forouzan tries to calm Ping’s paranoia. Klaus decides to help them by creating a distraction. Forouzan enquires why they are being so cautious and learns about the helmet with magical wind powers.

Benny takes them around in search of the symbol but ends up bringing them to the same place and instead puts on a performance. Blade and the others are disappointed by this. Just as it ends, Blade scolds him and asks if he knows where the symbol can be found. Two goons come up to demand payment for a loan he had taken.

Benny begins to run from the goons as they try to catch him. The goons finally manage to corner him, but Blade and her friends come to the rescue. Mid-fight, Benny opens a secret doorway to an underground tunnel and tells them to follow him. He leads them into a shady passage covered with skulls.

Back on the Island, Klaus attracts the attention of the Mages. Seeing Klaus, Kyle has a flashback of the time Klaus and Veruca let him fall off the boat and commands the Mages to attack Klaus. They hold him down and demand he return the helmet to them. He convinces them that he doesn’t have it and that Veruca left him to die. He also promises them food as he has grown fruit-bearing plants.

As the Mages leave from there, Ping and Forouzan attempt to board the ship along with the crate. Klaus attempts to block Kyle’s view but Kyle ends up spotting Ping and the helmet as it falls out of the crate. Klaus tries to convince the Mages that they should grow their own food, but Kyle is adamant about having the helmet.

A brawl breaks out between them, and two of the Mages manage to take the crate and run. Klaus and Ping retrieve the crate, but it is snatched once again by the Mages. Forouzan head butts the crate, sending the helmet rolling towards Kyle. Just as Kyle wears the helmet and starts levitating, Forouzan smacks it off and puts it on. She suggests they take their weapon back to England and use the helmet to fly the ship there.

Blade and the others walk through the passage filled with skulls while following the lead of Benny. Benny tries to trick them once again, setting off one of Po’s whiney self-pity dialogues. Blade reassures him that they will still have each other after the mission is over.

Benny takes them over to the skull with the symbol. Blade reaches for its eye socket and finds a switch that opens a doorway to a strange well. The group stares into the abyss filled with rocks scattered around. Just then, they turn around and realize Blade’s mother had followed them into the well.

The Episode Review

In episode 7 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3, the Dragon Knights embark on a quest to uncover the elusive town of Tianshang, guided by Benny, a shady street performer. Within this chapter, Klaus re-emerges for the first time this season and starts off on a good note by helping Ping and Forouzan. A lot seems to have changed with Klaus, and we can expect him to be a major part of the storyline as the show slowly reveals the change in intent and morals.

The most recent episodes have a stretched-out feel and lackluster attempts at humor. The beloved Kung Fu Panda also seems to have taken a backseat, which is disappointing. He isn’t treated like the main character in the Dragon Knights series, keeping in mind his importance in the previous episodes.

However, despite these shortcomings, the storyline remains compelling, and the animations depicting the city of Tianshang are nothing short of breathtaking.

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