Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Bog-ey man of Festermouth

Episode 5 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 begins with Veruca breaking out of a cargo box as workers are moving the cargo out before she faints. The workers recognize her and decide to tie her up and take her to the Knights, hoping for some reward money.

Having lost Luthera’s shield, Blade cribs about the sword in her hands and despises it. Po and Akna attempt to make her feel better but fail miserably. The group continues their journey to Festermouth and comes across an empty town. Suddenly, the group finds a villager called Edgar playing with 2 dolls.

Edgar greets them with a sarcastic comment as he thinks they are Knights sent by the Queen. He takes them to his house and shows them his collection of dolls while telling them about the failing town and the last knight Alfie who didn’t keep his promise. He points the group in the direction of the bog and they promise to help him get rid of the bog monster.

As the group walks the path, Po and the others get a weird feeling about the place. Suddenly, a giant mossy hand emerges from the ground and begins to attack Blade. The hands also attack Po, Akna, and Rukmini, but the group manages to fight off the arms. They enter deeper into the bog and finally find the bog monster.

Blade pleads to the bog monster that they are only looking for answers; however, the bog still manages to grab hold of Po, Akna, and Rukmini. Blade advances through the moss hands and up close to the bog monster, to learn that the bog monster is Duncan, a mole.

Duncan narrates the story of his encounter with Alfie and explains that he was just trying to live in peace. However, people made rumors calling him a monster. He tells her about Alfie’s promise to guarantee him peace until Blade and her friends show up to destroy his peace. Duncan also tells Blade about how he introduced the Tianshang weapons to Alfie and the direction it sent him in.

Just then, Duncan gets upset about the fact that they are there and uses another moss hand to capture Blade. As the moss begins to accumulate over the group, they inform him that they have already found the other weapons and upon hearing this, Duncan sets them free. He offers to tell them how to destroy the weapons if they promise to never come back. He also reveals the location of the ancient city to be London.

Veruca finds herself being dragged around by the workers from the ship. She gets an idea of what is going on and instantly indulges in battle and manages to free herself from the workers.

After speaking to the bog monster, the group decides to go through Alfie’s study to figure out where the secret city of Tianshang is. On returning to the doll maker’s village, they utter the exact same words Alfie did before fleeing.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 takes us through the journey of the Dragon Knights as they trace back Alfie’s actions during his last days. After speaking with the Queen, Po is bestowed with a trove of new information, propelling them towards an encounter with Duncan.

It unfurls an action sequence between the Dragon Knights and him, however, the encounter still lacks the thrill and complexities we anticipate. To say the least, the battles don’t deserve the word ‘epic’. The action scenes are rather pale compared to the Kung Fu Panda movies and take away from the experience.

With the Dragon Knights inching closer to Tianshang, things seem to be going right. Just then, Veruca makes her first appearance of the season after losing the weapons at the Mage’s Island in the previous season. Her appearance might bring a dramatic twist to the proceeds of the situation.

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