Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The English Opening

Episode 4 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 commences with the voyage of Ping and Forouzan as they enjoy the night sea and talk about the mission Po and his friends are on.

Drake and the rest of the Knights make it back to England, holding Luthera and the others in chains. Luthera tells Po that they need to stick together until they find out who knew about Alfie’s mission. Drake proceeds to take the prisoners but insists they be separated and takes Luthera with him.

On the journey, Luthera tries to convince Drake, telling him it was Alfie’s mission. Meanwhile, Po lures the guard leading them from behind, snatches the keys, knocks him out, and unlocks his cabin. He then proceeds to unlock Rukmini and Akna.

Luthera speaks to Drake about Alfie’s last days, as it could prove Alfie’s mission to destroy the weapons. Drake is almost convinced; however, Po reaches the cabin and pulls Blade out. Drake feels betrayed and attacks Po, but Po manages to dodge it.

Seeing Blade escape, the Knights pulling the carriages leave it to Colin and proceed to fight the escaped prisoners. Unfortunately, at that very moment, they reach a slope and Colin is unable to stop it from speeding down. Po quickly exits the carriage, locks Drake inside, and jumps off the carriage right before it crashes.

Blade scolds them as that blew her chance at getting information on Alfie’s last days and also winning the Knight’s trust. Blade leads the way to the Queen’s palace with the intention to speak with her and uncover some of Alfie’s last days. On arrival, they notice it’s the day of the chess invitational when the Queen plays and defeats all the best-registered players of chess.

Blade comes up with a plan to sneak into the palace and requests Akna to blow off a carriage into the sky to distract the guards. Upon entry, they find Drake and Colin in the passage area and decide to sneak past them. Accidentally, Po steps on a teacup and ends up flipping the entire table, alerting Drake.

Drake begins to chase them as they run. Blade, Akna, and Rukmini enter the chess room, but unfortunately, Po is too late to enter. He continues running down the hallway as the guards chase him while Drake tries to enter the chess room.

Po manages to beat the guards chasing him and escape into the Queen’s room. She questions him if he’s her first opponent, and he agrees. Drake attempts to break open the door but is held in place by Blade and the others as they pile up things in front of the door. Just then, the guards bring a battering ram.

Po introduces himself as Poseph, and they begin their match of chess. Po being a newbie at chess makes strange moves, and so does the Queen. The two, however, get along very well, and Po takes the opportunity to ask her about Alfies’s final days. The Queen herself isn’t aware of the mission but recalls a long vacation Alfie had taken before his death.

Just then, they hear the voices of a few Knights in search of a panda. The Queen gets suspicious but holds the guards back from capturing him and suggests he won’t be leaving through the front door. Meanwhile, Blade and the others hide in the chess room with Drake in there poking around to find them.

Just then, Po signals them from a secret exit, and they follow him out of there. After getting out of there, Blade questions him on how he knew about the secret exit. He narrates the entire story of how he played chess with the Queen, befriended her, and got a lot of useful information, including the fact that Alfie had been on a long vacation.

This rings a bell in Blade’s mind, reminding her that it was when he went to Tikal and pinpointed that the person who sent him after the weapons was from Festermouth. The group decides to follow Blade’s lead and find the person who sent Alfie to obtain the weapons.

The next morning, Ping wakes up and is told by Forouzan that they won’t be going to England as their ship approaches the Mages Island.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 takes us through the series of events following the Pirate Island raid by the Knights.

Blade attempts to carry out some damage control by speaking to Drake, but her efforts backfire because Po deviates from the plan. Interestingly, it gives us a similar situation to the previous episode where Blade deviates from the plan and loses the support of the pirates. They then decide to sneak into the palace and let Blade extract information as she plays chess with the Queen.

The show maintains its brand with coordinated plans always not working out. However, this might have been a better thing to do as Po effortlessly wins over the Queen’s trust. This also plays out quite interestingly because Po has never played chess and the Queen simply plays with made-up rules. The funniest part is that she hasn’t ever lost to anyone and evidently so!

The Queen also shells out some valuable information, sending the team on a journey to Festermouth.

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