Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Family Friend

Episode 3 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 begins with the arrival of the Knights of England as they fire cannons at the Pirates’ settlement from the sea. The pirates panic and begin to flee. As Forouzan boards the boat to flee, Ping approaches her to apologize for everything he’s done. Forouzan expresses her disappointment in him.

Upon departure, they realize she has taken the crate with her. Ping tells them about the place Forouzan used to hide her loot, but they realize it will be difficult to reach there with the Knights plaguing the island. Ping takes the lead to guide them through the battlefield, avoiding conflict. Colin attempts to stop Luthera and take her to the Knights to be arrested, but she reminds him of his missing antler blades.

Arriving at the top of the house, Ping uses the grappling hook to take out all 3 guards with a single move. The group proceeds to use the grappling hook and rope to cross the houses. Seeing the guards getting close to them, Colin drops a firecracker bomb to distract the Knights; however, Drake stomps it and realizes someone is hiding in the shadows.

Ping and the others arrive at the treasure storage unit and find loads of gold, and the crate. Just then, Weymin wakes up with the commotion and opposes them. They inform Weymin about the raid. Luthera also finds her sword and cuts the chains from Colin.

Just then, the Knights run in and face them. As Drake enters to speak to them, Colin submits Luthera for arrest. Drake demands for Alfie’s sword and informs her that she will be tried in court. The Knights take possession of the treasure as well as the crate and insist on handling it rather than handing it over.

The Knights take over and begin transporting the treasure. Upon arrival at the ship, Drake demands the crate be opened for cataloguing purposes. Luthera insists it is regular luggage, but Drake is adamant and uses the sword to slash it open. Looking at the things inside Drake doesn’t recognize them, but Colin steps in and informs him they are dangerous weapons.

Luthera tries her best to convince him they need to destroy the weapons, but Drake insists they let the queen decide what is to be done. Po tells Luthera they should fight back, and a fight breaks out between the friends and the Knights.

Po and the others manage to take down the Knights standing between them and the crate and take possession of it. Unfortunately, they realize that their ship is sinking and they have no way out. The remaining Knights on the island gather as reinforcements and corner them ready to attack.

Just then they hear the horns of a ship approaching from the distance, and Ping recognizes it to be Forouzan as she approaches the docks. Po and his friends engage in combat against the Knights; however, he suggests his dad take the crate and retreat with Forouzan while they hold the Knights off.

Po launches Ping onto Forouzan’s ship. On landing, he immediately loads up the cannon and orders her to turn the ship around. Ping takes aim and launches a cannonball as well as a grappling hook. The cannonball hits the Knights, giving Po an opportunity to hook the crate and let it get reeled onto the ship.

Seeing this, Colin manages to hold on to the crate and gets dragged along with it, but Forouzan signals to the octopus to knock him off and deliver the crate to the ship.

Po and his friends successfully get the crate out of the Knights’ reach, however, are left alone on the island and end up getting captured. They prepare to leave for England, and Po reassures them they will break out of prison.

The Episode Review

This chapter takes us through the Knight invasion on Pirate Island after the unknowing betrayal from Blade. Through this, we are introduced to an entire batch of new characters in the story. The knights seem to hold a bittersweet position in the storyline as Alfie and Blade have set high expectations for the Knights and lately for Colin as well.

However, the Knights aren’t portrayed as fierce threats or steadfast and reliable allies. Assessing an opponent usually prompts thoughts on their level of formidability. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the Knights, leaving them in a somewhat uncertain position.

But in this chapter, if there’s one character we can be sure about, it is Forouzan. Her character has been marvelously crafted throughout and she fits right in with this final gesture of hers. A fierce leader as well as a formidable fighter, with a never-say-never attitude. The episode ends with Ping and Forouzan escaping with the crate of weapons, safe from the hands of the Knights.

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