Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Baddie Issues

Episode 2 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 initiates the Tournament of Certain Doom with Po and the others hanging in cages in front of an audience. Disheartened by his dad’s lie, Po gets whiny, while the others try to help him pull it together and focus on the tournament.

Forouzan introduces the tournament as a fight governed by her own rules. Initially, Po and Luthera offer to fight as a duo in the first match, but Colin handcuffs her, claiming he is placing her under arrest.

The first fight begins with Colin and Luthera against the Stabbit Rabbits. Initially, Luthera finds them to be puny, until the match starts and they sit on her head and wreak havoc. Just then, the rabbits pull out their knives and attempt to stab the two. Po blames his dad for everything Luthera has to go through. Mr. Ping reminds Po of the good times, asking him to forgive him, but Po is adamant.

Just then, Forouzan calls on Meatmasher for the next fight and selects Akna to fight him. The fight erupts, and Akna has no other choice but to run and dodge. Mr. Ping suggests she keep it up and try to make him trip.

Akna tries to use her gadgets while dodging his attacks, but Mr. Ping suggests she insult his mother, as he is very sensitive about it. She tries to do it in the nicest way possible and makes Meatmasher cry. However, this is short-lived as Meatmasher continues to chase her down.

In the meanwhile, Luthera and Colin talk about escaping. She comes up with the idea to summon the knights with a flare and agrees to let Colin arrest her if he promises to let the others go. They come to an agreement and start looking for a flare.

Just as Meatmasher manages to corner her, Akna throws a gift box at him, which opens up to punch Meatmasher in the face with a metal arm. This renders Meatmasher unconscious as Mr. Ping celebrates the victory. Just then, Forouzan steps in and kicks Akna out of the ring before initiating a countdown, claiming Akna has lost. This infuriates Po, and he blames his dad for it. However, Mr. Ping is tired of apologizing and retaliates.

Luthera and Colin sneak out to find a flare but are stopped by a pirate guard. Luthera and Colin take down the guard with a combined attack and proceed in pursuit of the flares.

Forouzan sets Po up for the next fight, and the two engage in combat. She chases and attacks Po with her dual swords, but Po manages to dodge it with great agility and speed. She also throws sand in his eyes and kicks his face. Mr. Ping urges him to fight dirty and throw sand in her eyes, but Po refuses to fight like a pirate. Mr. Ping apologizes for lying to Po and tells him he is delighted to be his father.

Just then, Forouzan hurls her sword at Po, and he tactfully deflects it to cut the chains holding his father’s cage. He jumps to catch it and ends up crashing the cage into Forouzan’s face in midair. Mr. Ping does the countdown, and the crowd cheers their victory. Po and his dad hug it out, and Forouzan accepts his victory while admitting her defeat.

Luthera and Colin manage to locate the flare and head for the high ground to launch it. Amidst the celebration, Po and his friends spot the fireworks going up in the sky but are informed that it is the Knights’ signal and they could arrive at any moment.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 entails not one, not two, but three explosive and entertaining matches, in which we get to see a display of a little bit of kung fu. The kung fu is noticeably shallow and lacks depth, but still manages to pack a punch due to the high stakes.

This chapter also begins with Ping’s journey to regain his son’s trust after the massive letdown in court. It isn’t fun seeing Po being an absolute baby about it but hey! The show is for kids after all.

After the fight between Po and Forouzan, things seem to get better as Forouzan acknowledges Po and offers to help them. All this until Blade fires the flare calling for the Knights. The show tactfully had fans hoping for mutual respect between Forouzan and the Dragon Knights but are instead met with a rug pull, sending all the expectations down the drain.

The episode ends with the initiation of a new chapter as the Knights approach the Pirate Island with Po and the others stranded there.

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