Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Trial of Mr. Ping

Episode 1 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 commences with the journey of Po and his friends to England. Po is alarmed at the sight of fog, thinking it’s poison gas. But Blade reassures them that it’s only a sign they’re close to England.

Rukmini insists they let her have her whip, but Blade reminds her about the promise. Just then, a huge ship overshadows theirs — belonging to the Pirate Queen Forouzan. Forouzan calls on Colin and Weimin and attacks Po and his friends. Po and his friends easily manage to overpower Forouzan and demand her surrender.

Just then, Forouzan whistles and giant tentacles surround the boat to hold Po and his friends down. Forouzan orders her pirate crew to loot their ship and take as many supplies as possible. They also take Po, Ping, and Blade along, leaving Rukhmini and Akna in the boat with a collapsed sail.

Akna fixes the sail and the two follow Forouzan’s ship to Candlelight Cove. Rukmini tells Akna about the pirate island and the beheadings of trespassers. They steal pirate hats and eyepatches to blend in.

Forouzan, along with Po, Ping, and Blade, arrives at the court and they take their positions. Colin runs into Rukmini and Akna and offers to help them. They decide to visit the library and check through the Code of Pirates to find a way to break out Ping and the others.

Forouzan asks the court if anyone would want to play the role of defendant, and Po steps up to the plate along with Blade. Po proclaims his dad is only a noodle shop owner and has nothing to do with pirates. Forouzan commands the guards to reveal Ping’s pirate tattoo. In support of Po, Blade narrates all the good deeds Ping does, but the public retaliates with the things Ping had done in the past.

Akna, Colin, and Rukmini read through as many books as possible but are unable to find the code. Forouzan narrates her history with Ping. She tells them that she used to be the captain of the pirates, and he would be her first mate as they ruled over the seas. She also reveals that he was her first love; however, one day their ship was steered into the English fleet, causing her to lose everything.

The same night she lost everything, it was also the last time she saw the Reaper. Years later, Forouzan realizes that it was the Reaper who steered the ship into the English fleet.

Just then, a group of pirates spots Akna and the others in the library, and a brawl breaks out between the groups. They manage to overpower the pirates and also find the Code of Pirates. Ping is brought to the guillotine for beheading. Right before the blade is unleashed, Po and Blade swing in and fight the pirates. Just as Forouzan has.

Just then, Rukmini, Akna, and Colin arrive with Pirate Code Number 32457 and demand an alternate form of trial to clear his name. Ping gasps in fear, and Forouzan calls for the infamous Tournament of Certain Doom.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Season 3 picks up where we left off from last season. Having acquired most of Tianshang Weapons, Po and his friends decide to make their journey to England. Having this in mind, the journey isn’t straightforward as the mysterious Forouzan now reveals her purpose.

The episode finds Po, Blade, and Ping separated from Rukmini and Akna as Forouzan seeks to attend to her unfinished business. Unfortunately, this episode is devoid of any kung fu or action sequences and only serves as the initiation of a storyline with Forouzan.

As a character, Forouzan is introduced towards the end of the last season and the only part revealed is that she is in pursuit of Ping. Bringing her into the picture, this episode reveals a portion of Ping’s pirate past. Po’s composure noticeably changes as he unknowingly vouches for his father’s innocence, only to be let down in front of the whole audience.

The episode ends with the announcement of the infamous Tournament of Certain Doom, which should sufficiently compensate for the lack of action in this episode.


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