Krapopolis – Season 1 Episode 20 “Prince Hippo” Recap & Review

Prince Hippo

In episode 20 of Krapopolis Season 1, Ty has come up with an unsinkable boat. On the occasion of its first sail, everyone is present to see this marvel of science. However, before it can even begin, a submarine emerges from below the water and pierces it into two, thus sinking the ship.

What is even more interesting than this is the species of the creatures inside the sub. They look like Hippo and claim that he is one of them. The creatures are from the lost city of Atlantis, which is now a fully developed civilization underwater.

Hippo doesn’t remember much except that he was made to sweat hard in order to survive. He also resists the temptation to accompany the creatures and explore Atlantis. Ty encourages him to rethink the decision. He cites how it could benefit Hippo’s insatiable thirst for scientific advancement. Eventually, he has to bribe Hippo with an occasion of complete immunity for a future event. 

Ty and Shlub accompany him to the underwater city. They set the agenda before they hit the city. Ty suggests they should be exclusive trading partners as they are the first of the land people to see Atlantis. As soon as they arrive, Hippo is revealed to be the Prince of Atlantis. He is supposedly next in line to take over this advanced city that Krapopolis resembles. Hippo cries a whirlpool of tears when one of the patrons reveals that he is meeting his mother next.

The meeting between the two does not go along the expected lines. Instead of reminiscing about the old times and how much she has missed him, Hippo’s mother straightway arrives at direct questions…almost as if they were pre-prepared. She asks him about he solved the land-breathing problem. Currently, Atlantians can only stay on land for half an hour, whereas Hippo has been there without any problems all his life. 

Ty and Shlub also face a strange question-answer session with one of the patrons where he asks them about secret tunnels in the city. Ty is clueless but Shlub alerts him to what is happening. The Atlanteans are planning an attack on Krapopolis and the trio are feeding them everything they need. The trio is thrown into jail.

Hippo is furious with himself for trusting the Atlanteans. He also remarks how much he loves his land family, whom the Atlantean army is about to attack. It is a touching moment between them.

Hippo acts promptly and uses his tear whirlpool to break everyone free. They proceed to surface and see the army marching toward the city. Hippo uses his whistle that eventually shatters all the glass helmets that the soldiers in the army are wearing, killing them instantly. The Atlantean plan is spoiled and Hippo proves who his real family is. 

In the other subplot of the episode, Deliria and Stu come up against each other. The latter is fed up with Deliria mistreating her and not recognizing that she is one of the greatest warriors in mankind. To cater to Deliria’s neverending and frivolous demands, Stu comes up with a plan to appoint a “Head Priestess” for her mother. The goddess has a number of cults running in her worship and this priestess heads one of them.

Deliria fawns over the priestess singing her praises. She is over the moon with her devotion and promptly appoints her. Stu is initially relieved but becomes suspicious of the priestess and Deliria’s growing leniency with her. Such is her trust that Deliria gives a pendant with a portion of her powers to the priestess. 

Stu follows the priestess to a secret meeting with her cult where he observes the priestess chanting spells over Deliria’s pendant. She tries to alert her mother but Deliria takes it very lightly. The priestess storms into Deliria’s room with her other cult members. They hold down Stu as the priestess uses the pendant to hold Deliria as a prisoner. 

She tries to erase Deliria’s identity and capture her in the gem forever. Stu easily breaks out of the armhold but taunts Deliria into requesting her to do the same. Deliria complies and Stu solves the problem in a matter of seconds. 

The Episode Review

Krapopolis is getting very close to a formula that works superbly. For the past few episodes, the conversation has been about family. The dysfunction that still exists is once again met with a rousing affirmation of love in Episode 20.

The season is almost over but Krapopolis is all set to make a strong exit. The episode doesn’t feature too many forced one-liners but steady, situational humour that is tailored to the subplots. Hannah Waddingham has emerged as the most hysterical character voice, making Deliria a firm fan favourite.

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