Krapopolis – Season 1 Episode 21 “Olive Oil Crisis” Recap & Review

Olive Oil Crisis

It is parents vs. children in episode 21 of Krapopolis Season 1. While Stu and Deliria continue their recent bonding spree, the brothers are up against Shlub. Their carefree, alcoholic father who hasn’t done an iota of work in his life is a crowd favourite.

The city is going through hell, experiencing multiple problems. Right from a locust infestation to the mud bridge collapsing over the river, Krapopolis cannot catch a break. Ty can do little as the people won’t listen to him. Their disapproval of him and his methods is apparent.

However, they seem to listen to whatever Shlub says as they like him. Hippo is also miffed with this reaction of the people and decides to stuff his brother with a new idea: make their father fail. They put Shlub in charge of handling a trade meeting for olive oil, which he ends up missing.

Shlub runs into Killassian before going to the meeting and negotiates a trade…for drinking together at the bar! Ty faces public humiliation as his father spectacularly succeeds in failing, hence the plan. They ask Shlub to resolve all the issues the city is facing…and guess what? He does! Without even lifting a finger, Shlub achieves what Ty couldn’t in weeks.

The townies work willingly to ensure that all the work is done, something that astonishes the brothers. Such is the impact of this new epiphany that they demand to replace Ty with Shlub. However, the winged beast honestly breaks down the feelings rushing through the townies. He vehemently rejects the idea of “storming the castle” and one-upping his own son.

He explains to them that their infatuation with him has less to do with what he represents and more to do with their own empowerment. His words of wisdom inadvertently spark the listening crowd to get up in enthusiasm and storm the castle, leaving him stumped.

Shlub and Ty wait for the angry crowd outside to take the latter’s head. Shlub confides in Ty that he doesn’t want to be the king. He has no inclination to work and it is only people like Ty that pick up the slack.

The crowd always wants to make a villain stand against a hero they covet…and so, Ty gets an idea. He introduces the idea of democracy to ensure that the townies fight amongst themselves while the crown sits and enjoys. Now, they are too distracted to hate their king!

Stu, who wants to help the villagers and play her part, is flown away by Deliria in the form of a geese…to defecate on Athena’s new temple. This is a regular occurrence but this time, something strange happens. One of the stone throwers hits Deliria in the head as she is flying toward the temple. This causes her dizziness and when she recovers, Deliria has no memory of being a goddess. Stu finds it hard to believe but once she confirms it, she tries to feel the motherly love she never had the chance to experience.

The duo shares some adorable moments until Deliria regains her memory and is taken captive by the same stone-thrower. When he is about to kill them, Stu pleads with her to stop the mayhem. However, Deliria doesn’t do so because Stu had earlier remarked how parenthood teaches individuals selflessness. She even allows Stu to prove that parenthood isn’t the best thing in the world as the stone pelter is about to kill the goose version of her. But Stu makes a smart decision and agrees with what Deliria says.

The Episode Review

Krapopolis and continuity? Well, that’s a first! The show has been on a winning streak for the past few episodes. Episode 21 continues to propel the themes of family dysfunction and how the kids have grown out of those hurdles.

The clueless parents are stubborn and uniquely engrossed in evading responsibility. Their being unfit to be parents is what is so funny about the portrayals. Shlub and Deliria are arguably the worst examples one could come up with. But this is a suitable idea for a comical episode!

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