Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Troublemakers of the City of Water

Episode 7 of Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World begins with Megumin worrying about finding work to pay for her next traveling destination after Arcanretia. Megumin overhears a woman screaming and rushes to her aid. The woman fabricates a story that makes it look like she’s in danger. Megumin boasts about herself, allowing the girl to flee. The men tell Megumin that woman was an Axis cultist who committed several crimes. The woman returns with an officer and tells her a lie to escape the scene with Megumin.

She introduces herself as Cecily, a priest with the Religious Order of Axis. Cecily convinces Megumin to visit the Axis Sect by promising her food. Megumin eats her meal alongside Cecily and meets the arch-priest, Father Zesta. Zesta tells Megumin she can reside here until she finds work. Megumin thanks Zesta and continues eating. One of Zesta’s men informs him about their sector’s low conversion rates and argues it’s the Eris Cult’s fault. Megumin offers to help Zesta by improving the Axis Sect’s conversion rates. Megumin conjures and performs two plans, but they fail miserably. They get a bite to eat.

Megumin explains why she’s traveling alone to Zesta. Zesta recalls hearing about the woman Megumin’s searching for and says she runs a magic item shop in Axel. With this information, Megumin’s determined to help Zesta with his recruiting efforts. Zesta spots a girl wandering the streets, and Megumin proceeds with her new plan. She realizes it’s Yunyun and explains her dilemma to her. Yunyun explains she’s visiting Arcanretia because Chomusuke misses Megumin.

Zetsa butts into their conversation and confirms his working relationship with Megumin. Yunyun tells Megumin it might be a bad idea for her to work with them, but Megumin already knows that. Suddenly, a knight and guards plan to arrest Zesta. Cecily arrives and wonders if it has to be due to Zesta’s perverted antics. The pink-haired knight confirms Zesta’s being charged with conspiracy to commit treason. They take Zesta away after giving him a thorough explanation.

Cecily wonders what will happen to the Axis Order now that Zesta’s been arrested. Megumin asks Yunyun if she knows anything about the accusations. Yunyun explains Soketto asked her to deliver a letter of prophecy to Arcanretia. The episode closes with Megumin pondering.

The Episode Review

It appears Megumin won’t be leaving Yunyun’s side anytime soon. Nevertheless, it’s great knowing Yunyun has significant reasons for popping up in the story again after her heartfelt farewell to Megumin in the previous chapter. It’ll be interesting to see how Megumin plans to resolve the issue of Father Zesta’s imprisonment. At the same time, fans will enjoy knowing that characters like Soketto still have a role to play in the series besides being typical background characters.

Hopefully, other characters from this anime’s past episodes will appear in some form. While many still miss the mainline show’s crew, it was nice getting to see Aqua’s cult crop up in the anime. It’ll make viewers feel like she’s a part of this spin-off without actually showing her interacting with Megumin like in the main series. The comedy was decent throughout this chapter with some compelling jokes and funny facial humour to give anyone a chuckle or two.

Besides that, this chapter felt like a set-up for potentially greater moments down the line. We receive intel about the person Megumin wants to meet again and I’m looking forward to seeing her role model’s reaction to Megumin’s explosion magic. Overall, this was a fine episode that gives viewers insight into Megumin’s new journey outside of her village. While it had its dull moments, there were scenes implemented in it that viewers will adore.

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