Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Fanatics of the Water City

Episode 8 of Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World begins with Yunyun apologizing for delivering the letter. Cecily tells her not to worry since Father Zesta is probably having the time of his life. Cecily asks Megumin and Yunyun if they want her to collect votes. We receive a montage of different members of the Axis Order holding a campaign to become the new leader.

After Megumin and Yunyun help Cecily sabotage some nominees, she asks them to follow her to several inns. After visiting an inn, Megumin is baffled by Devil King’s forces when they put slime mix into the hot springs. They arrive at the area where the spring water from the mountains is collected. Cecily confirms the Axis Order runs this area while Yunyun reminds her this is where the strange occurrences involving Father Zesta began. Megumin says it’s best to search the location for evidence to see if Zesta is guilty of his crimes.

A group of knights arrive and tell the girls they’ve collected the jelly slime to mix evidence and confirm Father Zesta was carrying a bag of this stuff around. Megumin questions the men and argues Father Zesta wouldn’t do something as ridiculous as this. However, the men believe he’s guilty due to the stories they’ve heard about him and the Axis Sect. As they walk away from the location, Yunyun reminds everyone that Father Zesta might receive the death penalty for his actions.

Suddenly, they hear Father Zesta arguing against his charges. The girls meet Zesta as he’s arguing with the lady who arrested him. Zesta tells the girls he’s been released as the woman beside him apologizes. Zesta asks the woman to give the woman with glasses his thanks for clearing his name with the lie-detecting magic device. Megumin wonders who poured the powder into the springs if it wasn’t Father Zesta. Arnes bump into Megumin and company and still wants to take Chomuske from them.

Arnes and Father Zesta engage in combat. Zesta’s upset because he values Arnes’s dashing appearance but knows the Axis Order doesn’t take kindly to demonic entities. Cecily and other members of the cult stand by Zesta’s side. They believe Arnes is responsible for the inn’s hot springs sabotage incident. Arnes flee after being hunted down by the Axis Cult, even though she didn’t do it. Megumin and Yunyun leave and no longer want anything to do with the Axis Cult. Megumin tells Yunyun she plans to visit the town of Axel to meet someone. Yunyun says she’s heading to Axel because she wants to start training against weak monsters.

Father Zesta returns from his Arnes unsuccessful Arnes hunt. He presents Megumin with cash she can use to embark on her trip to Axel. He feels her recruitment tricks will come in handy down the line, so he’s paying her for her services. Father Zesta tells Megumin to stay one more night in Arcanretia since there are many members of the Axis Cult who’d like to give her their regards. Megumin visits the hot springs with Cecily, and she confirms Father Zesta committed the crime. He mixed the baking soda with the slime mix when he was cleaning up. She tells Megumin not to tell anyone about this.

Cecily explains why the hot springs look the way they are and wishes the rings were wider. Megumin uses explosion magic to make the hot springs more expansive. Father Zesta thanks Megumin for her help with the hot springs and asks her to take a trip here in the future. Megumin says she’d like to stop by Arcanretia with her future allies. Father Zesta casts Aqua’s divine protection spell on Megumin, and Yunyun asks if he could do the same for her. He refuses because her letter got him in trouble.

Cecily hands Megumin some Axis Cult recruitment applications to hand out to Axel’s residents. Megumin throws them at Cecily. Megumin and Yunyun head on the coach for Axel. The episode closes with Megumin vowing to make Axel her base of operations and a place where she’ll recruit her future allies.

The Episode Review

Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World delivers another fine episode this week. It had some decent humor and gave us answers concerning Father Zesta’s imprisonment. For the most part, not much happens outside of Megumin receiving enough money to travel to Axel to meet the woman who inspired her to pursue Explosion Magic.

It’s touching seeing Yunyun tag along with Megumin in her endeavors, though. It gives the series more opportunities to build upon her relationship with Megumin. Hopefully, it’ll address why Megumin goes on to treat her poorly in the mainline series. Arnes cropping up in the anime again will give viewers hope that the character may receive more development, unlike the students at the magic academy.

The whole fiasco with Father Zesta could’ve been handled better. For instance, if he committed the act, why wasn’t the lie-detecting magic device able to work on him? It leaves a gaping plot hole that may bug a few viewers. Overall, this was an okay chapter of Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World. I’m sure many viewers are thankful that we can move on to a different location. Hopefully, Megumin and Yunyun’s endeavors here will be more entertaining and less weird than their time spent in Arcanretia.

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