Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World – Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Raison D’être of an Explosive NEET

Episode 6 of Konosuba: An Explosion On This Wonderful World begins with Megumin struggling to find work. She returns home and performs explosion magic. Yunyun stops by in the morning and questions Megumin about it. Yunyun says she’ll assist Megumin in finding a job, before we receive a montage of the girls performing work and not enjoying it.

Yunyun comforts Megumin and promises her she’ll find them better-paying jobs that aren’t a hassle to complete. Megumin asks Yunyun to follow her, where we see Megumin perform an explosion. He tells Yunyun she needs to perform it once a night, or she’ll die.

Helpless, Megumin asks Yunyun to carry her home. Suddenly, Bukkokori arrives and says he’s looking for the Mad Exploder and heard an explosion nearby. Megumin lies to Bukkokori in order to get out of trouble. They return to Megumin’s home, and Megumin asks Yunyun to help her with job hunting tomorrow.

A robed person named Arnes arrives at Megumin’s home and greets Chomusuke. Arnes says she’d like to devote her existence to Chomusuke and dedicate her life to protecting her. Chomusuke doesn’t show interest, and neither does Megumin. Arnes promises Megumin 300,000 eris if she lets her take Chomusuke off her hands.

Chomusuke’s resistant to begin with, so Arnes plans to stop by tomorrow to collect her. Yunyun is shocked by Megumin’s willingness to give Chomusuke up in the morning. Arnes arrives to collect Chomusuke and thanks Megumin for being a great caretaker.

Megumin hands Chomusuke over. Chomusuke pulls on Arnes’s hood, revealing Arnes’s horns, and Yunyun and Megumin are shocked to discover he’s a high-ranked demon.

Arnes promises she’s only here for Chomusuke, but Yunyun and Megumin refuse to hand her over. Arnes faints for some reason, so Megumin and Yunyun take her inside. Arnes explains she feels trapped inside some weird energy field and that evil men attract themselves to her during her journey. Each encounter led to them breaking promises with her. Arnes calls out to Chomusuke, but she refuses to leave.

Suddenly, Bukkokori arrives because of Arnes’s presence. Megumin tells Bukkokori that Arnes is the Mad Exploder, and he summons his worthless male companions to chase Arnes away from the village.

At night, Megumin asks Yunyun to keep Chomusuke at her place and reveals she plans to leave on her journey with Arnes’s 300,000 eris. Megumin tells Yunyun she won’t return to the village after she meets the mage from her childhood. She states she’ll probably meet reliable companions who’ll help her slay the Demon King so she can ascend his throne. Yunyun confirms she still wants to become the village chief once she’s learned advanced magic.

Yunyun plans to stop Megumin if she becomes the new Demon King, and he eventually leaves. We then get some moments with Megumin and Komekko together. Megumin tells Komekko to speak with the adults, Bukkokori, or Yunyun if she runs into any issues while Megumin’s on her journey.

Komekko asks Megumin to come home soon after she defeats the Demon King, so Funifura, Arue, and others greet Megumin in the morning. They hand her a staff Funifura’s father made as a parting gift. Funifuira says she’s paying back her debt for Megumin helping out with her brother’s medicine.

Arue hands Megumin her shield eyepatch and states her goal is to become a writer. Megumin promises to treasure the gifts she’s received, while Megumin follows one of the teleport workers and recalls a flashback with Yunyun from the night before. It appears the cloak she’s wearing was given to her by Yunyun as a parting gift. The episode closes with Megumin teleporting to Arcanretia.

The Episode Review

While it’s a shame the school arc ended swiftly, its finale was touching and will move certain folks in some areas. Having Megumin’s classmates give her the iconic items from the mainline series makes the items feel more special and unique. Now if anyone were to watch the main Konosuba series, they’ll appreciate Megumin for holding onto these items.

At the same time, each interaction felt genuine and kind-hearted, especially Megumin’s final conversation with Komekko. However, it’s somewhat odd that we never got to see Megumin’s parents crop up through episodes one through six. It’ll make many people question her decision to leave Komekko alone in the giant house.

Nevertheless, Komekko isn’t an ordinary child as we can see from her interactions with the beasts in the previous episode. She could always resort to spending time with Bukkokori or with the village’s adults now that Megumin’s left the village. While this chapter gave us closure on some characters and their goals, it’s unfortunate people like Arue, Funifura, Soketto, and others didn’t get more spotlight.

Whether or not they’ll appear later in the series, remains to be seen. Overall, this was a moving conclusion for the magic academy portion of this spin-off series. I’m curious about what awaits Megumin during her solo endeavor at Arcanretia. Whether or not she’ll find the mage she met as a child is up in the air. Nonetheless, I’m interested to see what happens.

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