Killer Soup – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Killer Soup begins with Swathi angrily making the lamb soup. A crying Apeksha sits at the table after Arvind slapped her. Apeksha asks Swathi to kidnap and demand money from Arvind. Umesh is shocked to find that Apeksha was the blackmailer so Swathi lashes out at Apeksha and asks her to leave. She goes to the bedroom and Umesh follows, but she throws a pillow at him.

Hassan stands at the sport where Thupalli slipped from. The grave digging did not yield much results as Swathi had burned most of it. The crime scene is thoroughly investigated. Hassan finds Nadar’s camera there. Swathi suddenly gets into a hyper cleaning mode. She sorts the bills and cleans the house.

Arvind calls, threatening dire consequences if she does not send Apeksha back home. Arvind is in Apeksha’s room, angry over her decision to go to France. When Lucas says that Apeksha is sensitive like her mother, Arvind reprimands him. Swathi is still angry with Umesh but mentions her plan. Hassan is bathing but he still hallucinates about Thupalli. Thupalli recites a few lines again, leading Hassan to a clue.

Apeksha agrees to Swathi’s plan but Umesh is not happy. Sandy overhears and drops in but he is shut out by everyone. He leaves angrily and thrashes the garden chanting “She loves me. She loves me not.” Umesh finds him and the two get talking. Sandy clearly has feelings for Apeksha but he does not reveal her name. He does not like his father and he spares no moment to express his disdain. Umesh apologises to Swathi for all the wrongs he has done and agrees to her plan.

Surya goes around with Arvind looking hallucinogen mushroom plants. They discuss business and try to set a deal. Umesh goes to Arvind and tells him that the real Umesh is at the house. He shows Arvind the emails. Meanwhile Swathi and Apeksha get ready for the next steps of the plan. Lucas takes Apeksha away without saying a word. Umesh comes clean about the embezzlement and Arvind thrashes him.

Lucas reprimands Apeksha for her actions. He also threatens Swathi that he knows about her and Umesh. He drags Apeksha away but Swathi intervenes. She threatens to tell the truth about Apeksha’s mother but Apeksha hits Lucas on the head.

On the other hand, we have Arvind fuming over Prabhakar’s betrayal and fretting over his business deal. Apeksha distracts Sandy while Swathi ties Lucas up. Sandy confesses his love to Apeksha but she refuses his advances and leaves.

Swathi injects morphine in Lucas’ body. Umesh comes home with a bloodied face. Apeksha visits Surya thinking to seduce him and spills the beans to spoil Arvind’s business. Arvind receives a threatening phone call and the next day he prepares the ransom amount. Umesh takes the money but Arvind’s goons are following him. Hassan get the autopsy results and is close to finding out the identity. The police are closer to believing it is Umesh Pillai’s. Just then he finds a ladies’ bobby pin in the corpse’s hand.

Umesh reaches the boating club where Swathi and Apeksha are already present, dressed in burqhas. He gets onto a speed boat to distract the goons as Swathi and Apeksha ruin the goons’s car. Umesh leaves soon after, and the trio return home only to find Arvind waiting for them there.

Hassan and Asha try to find the mystery woman connected to the case. Arvind lashes out at everyone, and Lucas comes to the house. Apeksha points the gun at Arvind to let her go. Arvind comes clean about Apeksha’s mother’s death.

The father-daughter duo have an emotional moment but Swathi breaks that, saying that Arvind is lying and threatens to spill the truth. Apeksha is confused again, and Arvind tries to pry the gun off her hands. We hear a gunshot as the episode concludes.

The Episode Review

That was some shock with Sandy, don’t you think? He might not play a major role in the story but he surely is an interesting character! Apeksha and Arvind need to sort their issues and what is up with the story of her mother? Is Arvind not her father? Or did he kill his wife? I’m sure we’ll find out in the next episode!

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