Killer Soup – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Killer Soup opens with Umesh reading that email to Swathi. The two have a tiff over the sender’s identity. Sandy knocks on the door asking for mosquito repellant and Umesh gives him a rude response. Then we see Swathi figure out that the threatening email came from someone who has the access to the accounts.

Hassan continues to hallucinate about Thupalli as he proceeds with his investigation. He is soon summoned to question Prabhakar and Swathi about Umesh Pillai. Prabhakar (Umesh) tells the police that he is a sex addict. Umesh was blackmailing Prabhakar because he knew about Prabhakar’s sex addiction. Prabhakar fabricates a story about losing the 30 crore rupees. The police ask Swathi if Umesh lusted after her. Swathi immediately dismisses the idea citing it to be silly.

The real Umesh aka. Prabhakar is hurt after hearing that. Swathi and Umesh have a tiff on their way back home. One inspector snitches to Lucas about questioning. Hassan hallucinates about Thupalli again and finds a clue.

Umesh and Swathi visit the Rising Sun office where he is greeted warmly. Swathi asks Kirtima about the embezzled money. She goes into a display of loyalty towards Rising Sun and mentions bankruptcy. Swathi is surprised to hear that and Kirtima provides proofs. At home, Swathi spirals and she fights with Umesh. Umesh almost hits her with his walking stick as Sandy and Apeksha arrive.

Hassan rounds up the gambling den goons and questions them. As he does, Umesh receives another email demanding ransom. He goes to Kirtima’s performance and demands urgent money withdrawal. Hassan finds out the goons received Thupalli’s bike from a wood cutter.

Swathi goes back to her cooking. Her teacher arrives at her house for the cooking classes. Swathi tries to ward her off and rushes to the kitchen to find the pan burning. She bursts into tears in Apeksha’s arms. Apeksha shows concern regarding their fight earlier and Swathi figures out that the blackmailer was Apeksha. Umesh drops Swathi a text that he is at Kirtima’s show. Apeksha asks Swathi to join hands in blackmailing Prabhakar.

We then see someone break into Detective Nadar’s house. His mother is watching TV and someone rummages through Nadar’s desk. The person is Lucas. Umesh meets Kirtima and tries to flatter her. She kisses him and Swathi catches them red handed. She fumes over Umesh’s betrayal.

Arvind tells about his past to Surya. He invites Apeksha to join them as she walks by. He laments over the loss of his wife and neglecting Apeksha in order to run his business. Lucas arrives with proof from Nadar’s office. Arvind lashes out at Surya because his uncle pinched pennies from Arvind.

Frustrated, Apeksha calls out Arvind and he slaps her. Hassan and Asha visit the forest at night just like Thupalli did. Hassan remembers Robert Frost’s poem and follows the fireflies. He finds Prabhakar’s grave as the episode concludes.

The Episode Review

Just when you think there won’t be more chaos to the story, you are in for a surprise. I am glad that Hassan is putting his all towards solving the case. The cat and mouse chase just intensified in this episode. Is Thupalli Hassan’s guiding (ghost) angel after all? Let’s find out!

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