K-Drama Viewer Ratings (30th May – 5th June)

Welcome to another week of K-drama content! We are now halfway through the year, which is almost certainly going to see some people read this and immediately feel a sense of existential dread. Anyway, we continue! Here are last week’s ratings:

Weekly Viewership Ratings

Monday 30th of May Network Rating
Woori The Virgin – ep 7 SBS 3.6%
Bloody Heart – ep 9 KBS 5.7%


Tuesday 31st of May Network Rating
Bloody Heart – ep 10 KBS 6.3%
Woori The Virgin – ep 8 SBS 3.6% =


Wednesday 1st of June Network Rating
Eve – ep 1 TVN 3.6%
Love All Play – ep 13 KBS 1.8%


Thursday 2nd of June Network Rating
Eve – ep 2 TVN 3.7%
Love All Play – ep 14 KBS 1.4%


Friday 3rd of June Network Rating
Doctor Lawyer – ep 1 MBC 5.2%
Shooting Stars – ep 13 TVN 1.3%
Why Her? – ep 1 SBS 6.0%


Saturday 4th of June Network Rating
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 19 KBS 21.2%
Doctor Lawyer – ep 2 MBC 4.2%
Our Blues – ep 17 TVN and Netflix 10.2%
Why Her? – ep 2 SBS 6.5%
Showtime Begins! – ep 13 MBC  2.7%  
Shooting Stars – ep 14 TVN 1.3%
Cleaning Up – ep 1 JTBC 2.7%


Sunday 5th of June Network Rating
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 20 KBS 23.8%
Our Blues – ep 18 TVN and Netflix 12.5%
Cleaning Up – ep 2 TVN 2.5%
Showtimes Begins! – ep 14 MBC 3.1%


We are currently covering the following:

Our Blues
Shooting Stars
Woori The Virgin

Our Thoughts:

Happy Monday, K-drama viewers! Another week rolls round and another week of dramas getting closer to their respective ends. This is always an interesting time of year, with the hot weather drawing more people outside and shows airing now doing so during the “off-season” of TV.

Despite that, there have been some new shows starting, with Cleaning Up debuting on JTBC and iQiyi…but only in Taiwan for some reason. There’s also Eve that’s just started and you can check out our recent recaps for that one but it does look like it could be a real diamond in the rough.

Our Blues continues to rock its anthological format, with the different characters all staring to work together now, which is nice to see. In fact, Sunday’s episode jumped to 12.5% on the ratings, which is great news for fans of this series.

All in all though, May has been a very good month for K-Drama, with My Liberation Notes closing out nicely. Will June be able to top this? We’ll have to wait to find out!

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