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Episode 2 of Eve starts with more of the past brought into focus. Specifically, we see that Seo Eun-Pyeong was there that fateful day where Tae-Joon was beaten to an inch of his life. Now, Tae-Joon was actually aware of what was going to happen, knowing that LY Group, in desperate financial issues, wanted to merge with his company and leech off the profits to stay alive.

Hailed by some as the Bill Gates of the semiconductor world, Gediks Semiconductor was supposed to be his crowning achievement but the board of directors – following Tae-Joon’s death – decided to sell as quickly as possible. And of course, this is why they merged with LY Group. This was never Tae-Joon’s plan, but unfortunately Han took full advantage of this and made his move.

La-El has also made her first move too, as we cut back to the timeline three months before the big scandal is made public. She’s wormed her way inside the mind of Kang Yoon-Kyum, who can’t stop thinking about the touch he shared with La-El last episode.

When So-Ra demands he get to work helping their daughter out, he puts his phone down in frustration. Da-Bi is taught how to horse-ride, with Han overseeing proceedings. Han tells his granddaughter that taming a horse is no different than taming people. Although, the little girl is unable to whip the horse, much to So-Ra’s anger.

At lunch, that horrible man we saw torturing La-El’s father shows up. It’s here we learn that this is Han’s brother, Jeong-Cheol. He originally was part of the NIS but he’s given up his position to try and help them. Han gave him the extra push, and has decided to bring him in as the Vice-President. That, of course, undermines Kang who’s the chairman here and not exactly happy about the appointment.

Han senses this too and decides to send some men to keep an eye on Yoon-Kyum to make sure he’s not a scammer and intending to take the company for himself.

After receiving that letter from La-El, Eun-Pyeong remains fixated on trying to work out if she’s really back or not. Part of that comes from visiting the hospital Jin-Sook (La-El’s mother) is in. It turns out a mystery woman has been paying the bills and shows up every couple of months for information.

Remember those flashbacks of La-El in the past? Well, after falling on glass and being left a bloody mess, the Executive Director – that nasty turncoat – actually forced her to sign over her shares. Eun-Pyeong found La-El the next day all tied up and in his quest to do what’s right, remains determined to try and help the poor girl.

At the Kindergarten, everything kicks off when La-El plants a diaper in Da-Bi’s bag. As we found out last episode, she hasn’t been potty trained yet. But all of this is a ploy to stir the pot and rile up the enemies around her. So-Ra is the target, but these mums are opportunistic and when So-Ra flexes her muscles and influence, the Director of the kindergarten is forced to expel Eun Dam-Ri, even though Bo-Ram was the attacker.

La-El oversees all of this and decides to be the influencer, knowing that this will bring in Chairman Kang. He decides to do the right thing and apologize to the parent for being kicked out, going against So-Ra’s wishes.

Now, So-Ra isn’t so high and mighty either, given she’s actually sleeping with the hired help. She decides to enlist Jang-Cheol to deal with this school problem. And just to show how much disdain she has for him, she calls the guy her trash-bin and reminds him of his place in life.

Kang continues to fall for this honeypot scheme, giving La-El back her bracelet and letting her teach Bo-Ram ballet. Things certainly heat up that afternoon though, when La-El uses her charm and good looks to continue seducing Yoon-Kyum, dancing with him.

This wedge is only divided further by So-Ra’s lackadaisical attitude toward parenting. Yoon-Kyum is desperate for So-Ra to be there for Da-Bi but she’s too busy with her own affairs to care. Riled up and very clearly horny from what’s going on with La-El, he decides to sleep with So-Ra, aggressively, that night. Only, he ends up seeing La-El in So-Ra’s place, cementing how deep this black widow has managed to crawl through his skin.

Eun-Pyeong meets up with La-El and recognizes her from the past. He immediately quizzes how she got on in the States but she plays dumb, pretending she doesn’t know who this La-El is, referring to herself as Seon-Bin. It works for the most part, although La-El does show a worried expression when the Congressman walks away.

La-El and her mother have been preparing to take down LY Group for a long time and they both make plans to make sure no further problems will arise from Eu-yeong’s involvement. However, Eun-Pyeong is like a shark that’s smelt blood and he soon realizes that this is definitely La-El despite what she may be saying.

As for La-El though, she has cameras set up all over the LY Group household, as we see when she heads down to her basement. There are also numerous pictures pinned up, showing the ties all these characters have with one another. As Eve reflects on her journey thus far, the door is left well and truly open.

The Episode Review

Eve closes out its opening week with another gripping episode, this time turning the attention across to La-El infiltrating the LY Group and growing closer to Kang. It works really well and it would appear that through him, she’s going to try and close in on So-Ra too.

This play is well and truly under way now, although if the preview for episode 3 is anything to go by, it would seem that Jang-Cheol actually recognizes La-El and may well interfere in the whole operation. Then again, we’re way too early into the drama to be making big plays like that so I’d imagine this is just a single scene out of context and he’ll shrug off her involvement. At least, that’s my two-cents anyway.

For now though, the second episode shows that the seeds of doubt have well and truly been planted with Yoon-Kyum. Let the games begin.

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