K-Drama Viewer Ratings (23rd May – 29th May)

Welcome to another week of K-drama content! We are well and truly underway with May and as the warmer weather comes sweeping in, the weekend ratings war continues!

Weekly Viewership Ratings

Monday 23rd of May Network Rating
Woori The Virgin – ep 5 SBS 3.1%
Bloody Heart – ep 7 KBS 5.5%


Tuesday 24th of May Network Rating
Bloody Heart – ep 8 KBS 6.6%
Woori The Virgin – ep 6 SBS 3.4%


Wednesday 25th of May Network Rating
Green Mother’s Club – ep 15 JTBC and Netflix 4.2%
Love All Play – ep 11 KBS 1.3%


Thursday 26th of May Network Rating
Green Mother’s Club – ep 16 (finale) JTBC and Netflix 6.1%
Love All Play – ep 12 KBS 1.0%


Friday 27th of May Network Rating
Again My Life – ep 15 SBS 12.0%
Shooting Stars – ep 11 TVN 1.2%


Saturday 28th of May Network Rating
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 17 KBS 20.8%
Again My Life – ep 16 (finale) SBS 10.5%
Our Blues – ep 15 TVN and Netflix 10.1%
My Liberation Notes – ep 15 JTBC and Netflix 5.9%
Showtime Begins! – ep 11 MBC  3.2%  
Shooting Stars – ep 12 TVN 1.2%


Sunday 29th of May Network Rating
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 18 KBS 23.8%
Our Blues – ep 16 TVN and Netflix 11.8%
My Liberation Notes – ep 16 JTBC and Netflix 6.7%
Showtimes Begins! – ep 12 MBC 4.2%

We are currently covering the following:

Green Mother’s Club
Again My Life
Our Blues
My Liberation Notes
Shooting Stars
Woori The Virgin

Our Thoughts:

Happy Monday, K-drama viewers! And what a treat this weekend was. Between two excellent episodes of Our Blues, shifting the focus elegantly between different Jeju Island residents, My Liberation Notes bowed out with a satisfying (but ambiguous) ending, leaving lots to the imagination.

That much is especially evident in the ratings, with Our Blues reaching 11.8% on Sunday and My Liberation Notes ending on 6.7%

Bloody Heart has also jumped to 6.6%, edging out Woori The Virgin which, to be honest, feels like it’s going to appeal more to an international audience anyway. That one feels like a trick missed for Netflix to pick up!

We also saw the end of Green Mothers Club this week, ending with a boost of 6.1% after a rather tepid conclusion. That’s due to be replaced by Insider on 8th June.

Again My Life also ended its run, with episode 15 bumped up to 12%! It seems both netizens and avid watchers in Korea are digging law dramas, so we’ve got a plethora of them coming in June, including Why Her, which replaces this.

All in all though, May has been a very good month for K-Drama. Will June be able to top this? We’ll have to wait to find out!

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