Jujutsu Kaisen – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review


Episode 10 of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 begins with Mechamaru informing Yuji that Satoru’s been sealed. Meanwhile, the controlling Suguru tells Satoru they’ll meet again soon. Satoru says he can’t wait but questions when Suguru will stop letting people control him. Suguru gets choked by his own hand and laughs hysterically. He chats with Mahito for a while about bodies and souls. Satoru tells the Suguru to seal him already and stop laughing. The variant complies. 

Mahito asks Suguru if the Prison Realm object they used to seal Satoru away can be used again. Suguru says it can but it only can contain one person. However, if the person inside commits suicide, it cannot be used again. Meanwhile, Mechamaru informs Yuji and his allies that he’s not lying about Satoru being sealed away. Kokichi states Mahito killed him and the Mechamaru they’re speaking to is an “insurance” he left before his demise. He set it to activate as soon as Satoru was sealed.

Kokichi shares his stance on Yuji and Mei Mei’s possibility of being traitors. He believes both parties are innocent. Kokichi informs the two that Cursed Users are coming to kill them. Mei Mei senses the enemy’s presence but suggests they confirm Satoru’s entrapment first, upsetting Kokichi’s insurance. Kokichi’s insurance explains the situation to them in greater detail and begs them to follow his instructions since the insurance he set up will disappear soon. 

Mei Mei concedes. Kokichi’s insurance tasks Yuji with safely leaving the area and informing everyone of Satoru’s sealed state. That way, they can all work toward freeing Satoru. The insurance tasks Mei Mei to protect Yuji during this mission. Ui Ui plans to aid Mei Mei with her task. Yuji makes it out of the railway station and flees to inform the others. Meanwhile, Satoru hopes everyone will give it their best shot as he relaxes in the Prison Realm box. 

We cut to Nanami’s group discussing the situation at hand. Nanami plans to deal with the enemy who dropped the curtain around Shibuya. He tasks his students with protecting the bystanders in the area. We receive a glimpse of all three groups entering the barrier. Meanwhile, Kiyotaka informs someone that Nitta will be leaving the curtain area. This is because they can’t receive cell signals inside and he feels it’s important they establish a communication network.

Before he can continue, a blond individual stabs Kiyotaka until he’s unconscious. The blond reports to their white-haired partner, who grants them permission to stay inside the curtain to murder the suit-wearing humans. Meanwhile, someone watches footage of Suguru and his comrades conversing about Satoru’s entrapment. Suguru says while they’ve successfully sealed Satoru away, he hasn’t been fully processed in the Prison Realm yet. Further, the Prison Realm box will remain on the ground until the process is finished. 

Mahito catches on to the situation and destroys one of Kokichi’s gadgets. Suguru realizes they’ve been watched as Kokichi’s insurance informs Yuji they still have time to save Satoru. The insurance suggests they send jujutsu sorcerers to neighboring stations so they can ambush Suguru and his allies. Yuji tells the insurance he can’t get ahold of Kiyotaka for some reason and enters the curtain with the ordinary humans inside. He fights a few cursed spirits and heads for a rooftop to call out to Nanami. 

Everyone hears Yuji’s voice as he informs them all that Satoru is sealed. Nanami informs his students that they’ll be heading in Yuji’s direction immediately because it’s important that they save Satoru. Meanwhile, Suguru informs his men that he’ll stay and monitor the Prison Realm box. Choso wants to kill Nobara and Yuji, but Jogo says they can’t harm Yuji because he harbors Sukuna. Mahito intervenes and explains why they should proceed with Choso’s desires. 

Mahito feels they have a shot at dominating the world now that Satoru’s going to be sealed. Even without Sukuna, Mahito feels they’ll prevail. Jogo and Mahito get into a philosophically-charged debate. Mahito suggests they hold a short game to settle things. If Mahito or Choso meets Yuji first, they’ll kill him. If Jogo does, he can provide Yuji with the finger to restore Sukuna’s power. Suguru says he won’t get involved. He believes Sukuna’s merely a backup plan in case the Prison Realm ploy fails. 

Mahito, Jogo, and Choso start their game and flee. Meanwhile, two women interrogate Suguru and ask him to bring back the real Suguru. Suguru tells them to get lost. Nanami, Megumi, and Ino meet up with Yuji. Kokichi’s insurance informs the four about what he’s gathered and his plan of assault. Nanami believes it’s an excellent strategy, but they must remove the curtain first. Nanami plans to meet with Kiyotaka and asks Yuji and the others to inform the other groups of the insurance’s intel.

Nanami tasks Ino with monitoring Megumi and Yuji while he’s away. Ino gets Yuji and Megumi pumped up before they move forward with their information-sharing task. Meanwhile, a woman named Ogami informs a man named Awasaka that Satoru’s been sealed and that the information has been leaked to the enemy.

The episode closes with this trio observing the situation from afar. 

The Episode Review

Episode 10 dials things down a bit to give viewers an absorbing set-up chapter. Satoru’s entrapment came as a surprise to most fans and many wondered how our heroes would go about saving him. Thankfully, this episode confirms Satoru’s not out-of-the-grasp yet. However, Yuji and his allies must put up their best effort if they hope to reach Satoru on time. 

Many viewers will adore the equal playing field established in this chapter. No side has an advantage over the other, which makes the whole situation in Shibuya feel less predictable and more exciting to speculate about. While the set-up and explanatory bits were insightful, it was a bit difficult to sit through this chapter’s dialogue at times. 

Not every episode needs to be action-packed. However, this chapter could’ve used some proper refinement to make its important details a lot easier to take in. Speaking of action, the minuscule bits of action we received from Yuji this week were animated to perfection. Seeing him dance around the cursed spirits and deliver solid blows felt immersive and elegant. 

The top-notch animation quality shows how much this project means to Studio Mappa’s staff. Overall, I’m interested to see what types of strategies, outcomes, and fights we’ll receive in this arc moving forward.

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