Into the Night – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap and Review


The Fuel

Episode 4 of Into The Night starts with a flashback of Ayaz walking down a red light district and going into a brothel he owns. A man is being held down as he has hurt one of the women. He wants to call the police but Ayaz tells him to go home and leave his watch as payment. He refuses though so Ayaz takes a whip out and starts hitting the man repeatedly.

As we cut back to the present, Rik still wants Ayaz to be thrown out. Ayaz tries to explain himself but Rik closes the hatch door. After refueling, Mathieu tells the passengers that they need to head west again. Rik suggests they get rid of Ayaz so Mathieu tells him they should decide amongst themselves.

Landing for more supplies, the group discusses what to do with Ayaz, who tries to defend himself by claiming he is a survivor. Terenzio then changes the conversation and reveals that in Brussels he heard from Nato that there might be a refuge. He also thinks they should keep Ayaz with them as he excels in crises. The passengers are reluctant but he tells them that he will vouch for him and if he steps out of line again, he will leave with him too. They then vote and the majority agrees before embarking again.

In the plane, Sylvie asks Ines to go online to research the facility in Hawaii and the possible NATO refuge. Horst then follows Sylvie in the cockpit and relays what him and Laura have discovered; the fruit they have picked up in Canada has no taste, due to the phenomena that is breaking the DNA of the food, meaning they have no nutritional value.

While the passengers are getting to know each other, Sylvie, Laura and Jakub are worrying about what they are going to eat after finding out that fresh food is not good. Suddenly the plane goes through some turbulence. Sylvie rushes back to the cockpit and sees that Mathieu is acting a little unhinged. Sylvie then tries to get him to rest but he is adamant that they carry on. This prompts her to seek the help of Ayaz and Rik who force him to leave the cockpit.

Suddenly, they hear communication in Russian on the radio. They decide to ask Zara who has been talking to Ayaz about the stolen emerald. He explains that he didn’t do it for the money but wanted to send it back to his country and make his mother proud. She then heads down with Horst and as she listens to the transmission, they find out that it is someone in space but they are not sure what he is saying exactly as they mention the words “Stara 17”.

The passengers then look for Mathieu and find him unconscious in the bathroom. Laura looks at him and worries that he may have sepsis. She explains that the only thing she can think of is to amputate the infected tissues but she is reluctant to as they need a hospital and a doctor.

Without a pilot, Horst and Jakub speak to Sylvie about landing the plane. She tells them that she is not ready and has never done this before. After suggesting that she watches videos online, she calls them crazy but promises to try her best. However, they will need Mathieu to take off next as it is harder than landing.

In the cockpit, Sylvie panics but Jakub tries his best to help and reassure her. As they get closer to the airport, the engine starts failing but they persevere as Jakub gives her instructions from the video. She decides to turn off one engine and as everyone braces themselves, she performs a rough but safe landing.

The passengers congratulate Sylvie and Jakub. Sylvie then takes charge and instructs everyone with different tasks. Jakub tells them he will stay to figure out what is wrong with the engine and the fuel. Horst then realizes that the fuel is organic-based and therefore affected by the phenomenon. The episode ends with everyone wondering how they will take off again after this new problem.

Some of the science behind Into The Night’s ideas may not be wholly accurate and a little far-fetched at times, but the thriller remains tense throughout. With the right amount of suspense and a good pace, it’s a very easy series to sit through in one sitting.

The cast work really well together and as the episodes tick along, they are developing good connections and relationships with each other as they all bring something different to the story. Each episode also concentrates on one particular character and this time around, we find out more about Ayaz who has been quite the controversial character up until now.

With the latest cliffhanging regarding the problem with the fuel, our group are facing yet another obstacle and just how they will deal with it, remains a nail-biting climax that’ll have you scrambling to watch the next episode!

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