Into the Night – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap and Review

The Broken Window

Episode 3 of Into The Night starts with a flashback of Mathieu sleeping with an air hostess and almost getting caught by his wife, who pretends not to have seen anything. Back in the present, Jakub looks at the chip on the window but is not sure how long it will last or how bad the damage is. Meanwhile, Terenzio is getting fed up with Mathieu making all the decisions and wants them to work together.

Suddenly, they hear someone on the radio from another plane, claiming that there is an underwater facility in Hawaii which replicates the pressure of a space mission and could be a place for them to survive against the deadly sunlight. It can hold up to 100 people and has food and oxygen. This prompts Mathieu to change the plane’s direction to Hawaii despite Sylvie’s doubts as it is out of their original flight path.

In the plane, Rik and Terenzio decide to stop the others having food unless they listen to them while in the cockpit, Mathieu notices that unusual alarms keep triggering for no reason. He then comes to the conclusion that someone could be setting them from under the plane and that it could be one of the soldiers who would have managed to climb onboard when they were chasing after them. He relays this to the rest of the passengers and decides to take more altitude as a lack of oxygen will knock the soldier down.

While Ines argues with Terenzio about getting some water, Laura notices that the crack in the window is getting bigger until it suddenly completely breaks. As all hell breaks loose, the plane loses pressure and the oxygen masks drop. Mathieu and Sylvie work hard at stabilizing the plane while Jakub manages to find a makeshift panel for the hole. Unfortunately after this incident, the pilot explains that they won’t be able to land in Hawaii on time as they are not going fast enough anymore.

Things are getting worse in the cockpit when they notice that the hydraulic system is not working properly. Mathieu then tells them that they have no other choice but to head down to where the wheels are and get the soldier out. After more disagreements, Ayaz, Jakub and Terenzio decide to go together. Mathieu goes back in the cockpit and speaks to Sylvie, who found an airport in Attu island to land in.

Meanwhile, Laura speaks to the mother about her child’s condition who has cystic fibrosis. She heads to the cockpit and asks Mathieu to fly lower to enable the little boy to breathe better. He refuses at first as it would use more petrol. She then tells him that Gabrielle left a message on Ines’ Instagram to tell them that the other hostess was pregnant with his child as he was sleeping with her. She tells him to prove that he is honorable, which convinces him to fly lower.

As they reach the wheels, the three men find where Freddie has been staying. The soldier manages to grab the gun so they start shooting at him, hoping that it should be enough. They decide to go back up and as they are about to tell them they killed him, Laura asks if Ayaz cut the dead man’s stomach to retrieve diamonds, as Osman saw blood all over the blanket.

Ayaz finally admits that he did but that they are actually emeralds. They belonged to a sultan and he paid him to carry them in his stomach. Rik then tells them they need to get rid of him next and tie him up for now. The episode ends with Ayaz tied up under the floor and with Ayaz telling Rik that he will regret it.

Into The Night is a series best to watch without thinking too much about some of its different plot twists and the science behind it. While some of these twists are a little far-fetched, it still remains a thrilling roller coaster ride as we follow our passengers trying to survive all the catastrophic events thrown at them.

Still all these twists and turns make this an easy to watch sci-fi thriller, hooking the audience very early on. Each episode also reveals some dark secrets and this time we are left to wonder just who Ayaz really is and if he is someone the others need to fear. All the cast have also done a good job so far with their roles too as we find out more about each of them which adds some much-needed substance and depth to the thriller.

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