Into the Night – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap and Review


Episode 5 of Into The Night starts with a flashback of Rik coming home to his mother. She tells him that her hearing aid needs new batteries and comments that he didn’t go to mass this morning. He helps her with her hearing aid then heads to his room where we see him speak to a Russian girl online called Sveta. She asks him for money for a ticket to come over but he suggests going to her instead. We then cut back to the present as Sylvie relays to Terenzio and Rik that the Hawaiian facility was never finished.

With just four hours until sunrise, the group devise a plan to find fuel that hasn’t been contaminated by the sun. Osman and Sylvie leave for Amsterdam to find a different kind of fuel while the rest organize themselves with the rest of the supplies. Terenzio, Rik and Ayaz head to NATO while Laura, Horst, Zara and Dominik find a hospital to operate on Mathieu. However, the scene there is quite harrowing as they come across multiple corpses huddled together.

After gathering food, Sylvie tells Ines that she needs to do something on her own. She tries to follow but Sylvie tells her to carry on gathering food while Rik, Terenzio and Ayaz arrive at a deserted NATO. Terenzio takes them to the room he heard the ambassadors talk about the sun to look for information. Rik notices surveillance cameras so he decides to find the footage to see if they can learn more. After he leaves, tension builds between Terenzio and Ayaz which escalates into a fight between the two. Terenzio gets the upper-hand and knocks Ayaz down unconscious.

Terenzio heads to see Rik who has been watching the footage. He has learned that there is a bunker in Bulgaria mentioned in a conversation at the same time as Stara 17; the same words pronounced by the cosmonaut earlier. Rik asks where Ayaz is but Terenzio lies and tells him that he has gone back to the plane with more supplies. However, Rik sees a lifeless Ayaz laying on the floor thanks to one of the TV screens and decides not to say anything. As they return to the plane, they meet with Osman and Ines who tell them that they have the fuel but Jakub has gone to find Sylvie.

In the hospital, Laura has finished the operation but is reluctant to move Mathieu. However, Zara tells them they have no choice and have to go now while Jakub manages to find Sylvie in her apartment, crying about the loss of her partner. She then tries to kiss him but he stops her. She apologies though so he tells her he understands that she wanted to feel something and that he is grateful to have met them all.

Back in NATO, we see that Ayaz is painfully crawling out of the room and building as the others bring Mathieu into the cockpit. He looks at the coordinates he has been given and sees that they might not make it that far. In the plane, Zara wants to know what has happened to Ayaz and thinks Terenzio has killed him. She doesn’t want to leave him behind though but Laura tells her they have to leave. Under Mathieu’s guidance, Sylvie prepares to take off. However, she sees Ayaz arriving by car as the episode ends.

The finale is up next and after this action packed and tense episode, anything can happen next for our group of survivors. The drama has definitely been a roller coaster ride so far and this chapter brought us the two strongest characters coming to blows. Leaving him for dead, Terenzio thought he got rid of Ayaz but he is in for a surprise now that he has managed to make his way back.

We also found out just why Rik was on his way to Russia and while he hasn’t been the most likable character so far, we can clearly see that he has been catfished which is quite sad. The group now have a clear plan in mind with the refuge in Bulgaria. Just what they will find there and whether the thriller will end with the usual cliffhanger remains to be seen but for now, Into The Night has managed to stay consistent throughout with plenty of action and suspense.

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