I Am A Stalker Season 1 Review – Bone-chilling narration from real-life stalkers

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A bone-chilling narration from real-life stalkers

The eight-episode Netflix True Crime series, I Am A Stalker, is a spin-off to the original true-crime series, I Am A Killer. The only difference between the two shows is that the crimes committed by the accused are much more worrisome and chilling in this new series. Who in this day and age has not stalked someone’s social media account?

We’ve seen memes where people joke how they know their first date’s extended family by name because of stalking them online, extensively before the date. However, the modern-day concept of stalking is poles apart from what kind of stalking this show takes viewers around.

The show, in its eight episodes, narrates the crimes of eight stalkers who have, at a point in their lives, gone to the extent of terrorizing their victims so much so that these victims had to press charges against them. The show, much like its predecessor, takes a look into the accused who are in police custody for aggravated assault and stalking people, in most cases their partner(s).

While mild stalking may be considered normal by some today, where partners track each other’s mobile phones using GPS to locate them or check social media accounts, the incidents here are far more sinister.

These criminals resort to old-school methods of following their victims around in disguises and end up attacking them when they least expect it. Such is the case with most of the accused in the Netflix original, I Am A Stalker, where victims give viewers a run-down of what their former partners did by following them around even when they were broken up or when they were seeing someone else.

The crimes do get serious when some of the accused are either charged with murder due to their stalking tendencies going overboard or in other cases when the victims are forced to keep a cordial relationship with their stalker because they share an offspring together. The show is the real deal and in that, I am talking Joe Goldberg from Netflix’s ‘You’ manifested into a reality!

When the accused narrate their crimes and claim they are aware of what they were doing was wrong and still chose to do it, is appalling. Hearing them narrate the incidents sends a shiver down one’s spine knowing that they are capable of committing these crimes once they are eventually released – if they are at all. The show is a quick watch and true-crime junkies can binge this in a day.

The episodes follow a format where the stalker is interviewed as they narrate their side of the story. The victims are also interviewed as they retell their side of the story, recalling their traumatic incidents. There are other witness testimonials too, as well as the family of victims who talk about how the stalking incident impacted them.

Other than that, the show does not feature any gory or alarming scenes save for sinister narration that can cause the lighthearted to feel chills due to the intensity of the stalking and aggravated assaults. As a woman, the show is much more intense and chilling because most of the victims are women and the stalking is done by their partners. I Am A Stalker is much more interesting to watch in comparison to its predecessor, I Am A Killer, making for a must-watch.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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  1. The first episode gave me chills. The stalker is a full on narcissist. He tells the story in a way to fit his truth but the evidence and descriptions by others tell the real truth.

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