The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 19 “Write Off This Episode” Recap & Review

The Simpsons

Write Off This Episode

Homer is badly addicted to online sports betting. While praying for some easy gambling income, he loses the lucky ring that helped him get Marge. Heading down to the basement, he finds a couple of skunks that launch an attack on him.

Later, after cleaning up Homer, Marge cleans his skunk-sprayed clothes in a magical way using something called a cleaning bag. The kids are impressed so they encourage Marge to try to help people with her skill.

On the first day of work, a wealthy man coaxes Marge and Lisa into starting a charity. The charity is called Lisa M. Simpson Foundation. Lisa suggests every product they source should be ethical even if it means compromising frugality. The job’s divided so Marge has to help get investments while Lisa would be looking for ethically sourced baking soda.

A woman volunteers to help Marge with her charity work, but following a suggestion-filled song, they sing together, Marge’s charity finally hits its stride and the work takes off, but it’s revealed to be based on unethical practices involving donations made by wealthy organizations with the sole purpose of saving on taxes.

Lisa confronts Marge and points out that she has lost sight of the goal to help homeless people. Marge doesn’t understand Lisa’s standpoint and sacks her gently. Lisa narrates her situation to Homer, who decides to help her. During a business event, Marge gets to know that her investors have just been serving their own purpose in the guise of being considerate and ethical.

Meanwhile, the Lisa M Foundation has got new, fancy headquarters. At its opening, Marge unexpectedly hands the entire control back to Lisa. An excited Lisa announces that the headquarters will be used as the shelter for the unhoused. An old wealthy man gets up and makes some intelligent comments about taxes and humane duties.

The Episode Review

The latest Simpson episode delivers an important message with a good degree of entertainment. All the lead characters are involved, and they have done a good job. Although, there is a lack of humour and punchlines. So much so in fact, that it feels more like a drama than comedy. That said, if it’s a gripping tale that you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed. It’s not that comical, but it’s entertaining.

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