The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 18 “Fan-Ily Feud” Recap & Review

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Fan-Ily Feud

As the latest Simpsons episode starts, Homer is taking Bart to Isotope Stadium for a baseball match. The jumbotron displays an advertisement for the newest single by pop singer, Ashley Starling. Frustrated, Bart tells Homer that “Ashley Starling is a whiny pop singer for whiny girls that love to whine.” Post-match, when Homer is interviewed, Homer repeats Bart’s exact words about Ashley. Bart later tells Homer that he’s made a terrible mistake and he will need to pay the price for what he said.

Homer soon starts having horrific experiences associated with Ashley. He is informed that due to his insensitive comments, Ashely’s fan army is targeting him. Bart urges Homer to surrender to Ashley’s prowess and later, it’s revealed that Lisa is assisting Ashley’s fans to hand Homer trouble.

Homer is taken to an undisclosed place where a jealous pop star, Echo, asks Homer to join her in bringing down Ashley.

On the other hand, Bart and Lisa team up to dish out more at Homer. However, when they launch an attack on him, Homer is protected by the Echo fan army. The situation turns into a full-fledged war between the two sets of fans.

Marge gets an invite to a private party from Ashley. Everything Marge says about Homer during the party is used by Ashley to make a diss track against Homer. The next day, Homer learns that everybody in his family has betrayed him, and consequently, he leaves them. He goes over to Echo who makes him understand the importance of family. She tells Homer that he should make a song to express his gloom over the betrayal he faced rather than trying to bite back.

Homer returns home after three days and plays the new, emotional song he created with Echo. The song does the trick as everybody apologizes to Homer. The family share a tight, love-filled hug as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The latest Simpsons episode is a mega improvement over the past couple of episodes we have had so far. Granted the story lacks depth, but it’s gripping. Every Simpson family member has a role to play, and it’s good to see Homer steer through different phases to reconcile with his loved ones. Some of the comments are deep and quite humorous and in addition, the episode shares an important message in regards to blind-following that often results in riots.

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  1. I actually really like this episode as I feel it has many jokes that really hit and homer’s musical scene unironically goes hard and really plays into the nostalgia of the golden age.

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