The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 20 “The Very Hungry Caterpillars” Recap & Review

The Simpsons

The Very Hungry Caterpillars

The town of Springfield has been blanketed by a catastrophic caterpillar swarm. Bart and Homer are happy to hear Springfield is in lockdown. Lisa, on the other hand, realizes the dangerous nature of the situation. Marge suggests they should try to make the best of their time as long as they are in lockdown.

While they are watching television, Homer hits the sign-out button in a round of typical-family-remote-snatching. And, since they don’t know the password, they are left without a TV.

The lockdown extends, and Lisa who is constantly doom-scrolling, has begun freaking out. To calm her down, Homer and Marge try to distract her by presenting her with a toy. Meanwhile, Bart and his friends have found a way to spy on Principal Skinner using his phone.

The toys Lisa is playing with add fuel to the fire by discussing the caterpillar situation as negatively as possible. As a result, Lisa grows increasingly anxious. When Maggie goes out of her mind for ranch dressing, Marge decides to break into Ned’s house because he happens to have a massive hoard of ranch dressing and other food items.

Skinner is heartbroken because his blankie has been taken away. So, Bart and his friends, who have been spying on Principal Skinner, decide to help him get his blankie back. While Marge and Homer are in Ned’s house to steal ranch dressing, Ned discovers them, and a fight breaks out between the two.

With Bart’s help, Principal Skinner gets his blankie back. Meanwhile, Marge and Homer patch up with Ned after realizing they turned into animals due to the caterpillar attack. Lisa tells her toys off and realizes the importance of a positive disposition during tough times.

After five days, the swarm attack is over, but a new butterfly swarm covers the Springfield skies.

The Episode Review

The latest Simpson episode is very much in line with other episodes we’ve had this season so far. Lots of impractical imagination, and a bit of humour with a few punchlines. The plot centred on a caterpillar swarm seems sort of inexecutable, but the creators have done a great job.

The narrative offers entertainment with ease, and there are events that catch our attention. Lisa’s speech towards the end wraps out the episode in an almost perfect way as everything adds up to make sense.

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  • (3.5)

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