Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Different Surgeries

Hospital Playlist returns this week as we see more complex surgeries performed by our doctors. These bring more substance to the show as they’re all interesting while we carry on following the lives and relationships of our different surgeons.

Episode 7 of Hospital Playlist starts where the last one left off with Jeong-Won finding out that the liver is not good for baby Ji-A. However, he decides to go for it anyway and to cut the liver twice to make sure it fits as the little girl has only one week to live. As the surgery gets underway, Doctor Jang brings the liver and the doctors start working on cutting it to the right size.

They struggle at first as there is a lot of bleeding but the transplant is eventually a success. Jeong-Won relays the good news to the baby’s parents and they cry in gratitude so he tells them that they should thank the donor instead.

Meanwhile, in the OB-Gyn department, Min-Ah is busy looking after her patients. As she gets pulled in many directions, she asks Doctor Myong to go check on another patient while Ik-Jun has lunch with Doctor Jang and the twins. Doctor Jang thinks that Jeong-Won will join them but is disappointed when Jun-Wan walks in.

The 6 usual residents meet for lunch where we find out that Min-Ah and Gyeo-Wool became friends through a BTS fan club. Doctor Bong then starts speaking about the past love lives of the five doctors which, of course, interests Gyeo-Wool, Min-Ah and Chi-Yong.

During a brain surgery, Chi-Yong is struggling a little while Song-Hwa is watching. She gives him some advice to control the bleeding but he makes another mistake. She takes over from him and tells Chi-Yong to do better next time. Chi-Yong later tells Seok-Min he feels embarrassed by his error so his friend reassures him and invites him for a drink.

Meanwhile, Jun-Wan and Doctor Do are struggling with a heart surgery on young Chang-Mo, which has been going on for longer than planned. After the procedure, they head to explain what happened during the surgery. Do interrupts Jun-Wan and reveals that it was a success and not to worry. They later share some food as Do tells Jun-Wan that he doesn’t agree with how he speaks to his patients’ guardians.

Jeong-Won arrives soon after and tells them that he found out Doctor Cheon has used XG and Yu’s corporate credit card to pay for his golf membership and restaurant meals. We then cut to the latter, who defends himself to Ju Jeon and explains that it was an error.

Jeong-Won later speaks to Jun-Wan and asks him if he ever played golf with Professor Cheon. He tells him he has once but reassures him that he paid for it himself. We then cut to his date with Ik-Sun as they have fun while eating some very spicy meals together.

The next day, Chi-Yong and Song-Hwa visit a new patient, Hyeon-Su, who has a brain tumour and will need surgery while still awake as she explains that it is the best procedure for this type of tumour. She explains to the patient and his mother exactly what will happen. The patient looks very depressed though despite words of encouragement from Song-Hwa. Gyeo-Wool meanwhile, overhears a doctor talking about the dinner she had with Jeong-Won last weekend.

In the evening, Jun-Wan picks up the other four doctors to go to the restaurant. While driving, they find out that Jun-Wan is seeing someone but he is refusing to tell them who it is. During dinner, they move the conversation to Seok-Hyeon’s mother and the pregnancy. They tell him he should tell his mum the truth so that she will divorce his dad.

The next day, Seok-Hyeon relays to Song-Hwa that he told his mother about the pregnancy and that she has finally decided to divorce her husband. Jun-Wan arrives soon after and reveals to Song-Hwa that Seok-Hyeon’s father has been admitted last night in one of the VIP rooms but he’s faking it.

Seok-Hyeon’s mum arrives in the hospital and sneaks into her husband’s room, where she throws a bucket of water over his mistress. She screams at him for being there and tells him she won’t divorce him after what he has done.

Ik-Jun carries on with his rounds with the nurse and goes to see a patient who is refusing to take her transplant medication as she wants to die. We learn that her husband gave part of his liver to her because he felt guilty that he cheated on her. They try to convince her to take her pills but she tells them that she doesn’t want the liver.

Meanwhile, Song-Hwa is busy with her surgery on Hyeon-Su. As they wake him up to test the different brain functions, Chi-Yong speaks to him about his job. He tells him that he won’t be able to be a police officer after this so Chi-Yong explains that he also became sick and had a problem in his spine when he was in the army, deciding to change jobs and become a doctor.

In the evening, Ik-Jun visits his liver transplant patient again and manages to convince her to take her medication, while Song-Hwa speaks to Chi-Hong about his medical condition. She tells him he should have told her but also that she has faith in him as a doctor.

As he is leaving his office, Jeong-Won comes face to face with Gyeo-Wool who asks him to take her to dinner. He then heads to meet his friends for another rehearsal as we see a montage of the different patients getting better, Jun-Wan kissing Ik-Sun and Ik-Jun’s son who has left a drink and cookie for his father.

The episode ends with Doctor Do heading to meet his wife for their 10 year anniversary. Suddenly, he gets a call from his land-lady asking him for rent which shocks him as he thought he signed for a rent free apartment.

Hospital Playlist has so far been a very consistent drama with some great characterisation and interesting medical cases. The series may not be as overly dramatic and shocking as others like Grey’s Anatomy, but it has a natural feel to it which I can imagine depicts what South Korean hospitals are really like.

While we don’t see the five doctors together very often, the few moments that we do really shine as their chemistry always stands out. Jun-Wan’s new relationship with Ik-Jun’s sister has been quite fun to watch and I do wonder how his friends will react when they will find out the truth.

We carry on seeing more development for the medical residents too and while they are the secondary characters, they’re a good addition to the show nonetheless and have some great interactions with the 5 doctors and each other. All this combines to make this medical drama well worth watching every week.

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  1. I find Hospital Playlist to be a stimulating and heart-warming series. I look forward to a new episode every week with anticipation. I enjoy the humour and fun, as well as sadness and sorrow. Just like life for all of us. Hopefully, they will continue this series for several seasons. I am sure that I will remain a loyal fan. I am a Canadian from Montreal, not of Korean origin, but Kdrama has become one of my favourite forms of entertainment. This newest series has certainly captivated my mind!

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