Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

A New Couple

Hospital Playlist returns this week with another interesting and enjoyable episode as we follow the adventures of our five doctors. The pace of the story remains consistent throughout with some good character development for the main and secondary doctors, as well as their families.

Episode 6 of Hospital Playlist starts with Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun meeting Seok-Min and Sun-Bin for coffee where they discuss what they would do if they had a year off. Song-Hwa wants to work in a small hospital and Ik-Jun would go clubbing and shopping. At the same time, Jun-Wan is busy texting Ik-Sun while Jeong-Won speaks to his mum about her health check-up.

During his rounds, Ik-Jun has to stop one of his patienta from eating a cooked meal his wife made him as he’s having surgery soon. He then heads to the VIP ward with Ms Song to check up on Go Yeong-Min. As soon as they walk in, they are surprised to see Go Ara who suggest buying Ik-Jun a meal. They later share some noodles in the hospital restaurant and talk about their past. However, they keep getting interrupted by fans of the actress including Jong-Su and Jeong-Won’s mum who have been hanging out together quite a bit lately.

In PICU, Jeong-Won realises that one of his patients, a baby girl called Ji-A, is not doing well. He heads into the waiting room to tell her mother while Seok-Hyeong calls his mother during lunch and hears that she has a cold. As soon as he hangs up the phone, he sees Jeong-Won next to him who talks to him about the baby girl and explains that she needs a liver transplant.

Meanwhile, in the staff room Song-Hwa and Jun-Wan are sharing food. They are soon joined by Ik-Jun and then Doctor Anh. Ik-Jun tells the latter that he is happy his sister likes him as she has had a lot of men after her. Anh replies that they are just best friends. Ik-Jun insists though, which prompts a jealous Jun-Wan to crack one of his boiled eggs on his head, resulting in a fight between the two.

Doctor Do meets with Doctor Jang and the rest of the doctors to gossip about the five friends as he wants to know more about Jun-Wan. They tell him he is quite selfish and that he likes golf before moving on to talk about their hobbies. While Jeong-Won has a different sport for each season, Song-Hwa camps and Ik-Jun is good at everything, especially cooking.

The next day, Jun-Wan operates on an ASD patient with the help of Doctor Do. At the end of the surgery, Jun-Wan congratulates him on a job well done. Doctor Do later tells him that he has just signed a long term lease and that he has also noticed he has been glued to his phone a lot.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Doctor Jang develops an allergic reaction to a medication she took and when Ik-Jun sees her, he sends her to the ER as she collapses. Seok-Hyeong meanwhile, helps a woman who keeps having miscarriages.

During lunch, Min-Ah asks Seok-Hyeong who he sat with in the garden the other day. He explains who she is before being joined by Ik-Jun who tells her that Doctor Jang had a bad allergic reaction. Min-Ah rushes to her friend’s bedside and as she wakes up she is surprised to see a text from Jeong-Won asking how she is.

In the evening, Song-Hwa asks her friends to go for dinner to tell them about her lump and her biopsy. She explains that she will get the results tomorrow morning. They want to help and come with her but she refuses. Suddenly, Ik-Jun receives a call to check on one of his patients. On his way there, he calls Go Ara and offers to get coffee with her tomorrow.

The next day, Gang-Hwa heads to get her results and she is surprised to see Ik-Jun there as well. He promises her that if she has cancer, he will fix it then discusses the time Seok-Hyeong used to like her. He reveals that he ended up falling asleep in the street the day he got rejected. She then goes in to get her results and thankfully finds out that the lump is benign.

As the five doctors have dinner together before their rehearsal, they reminisce about the past and we see a flashback of Ik-Jun and Jun-Wan heading to Seoul for a college interview. Unknown to them, they ended up sitting next to Song-Hwa in the hallway. Back in the present, the group start rehearsing with Ik-Jun as the lead singer. Another flashback shows us the day Seok got rejected by Song-Hwa. We also see that Ik-Jun had a present for her and was planning to meet but changed his mind as he had to look after his friend.

The next day, Ik-Jun speaks to Chi-Yong who admits to liking Song-Hwa and explains again that he is friends with his sister. He tells her that she told him she is not ready to date at the moment.

Jun-Wan later gets a text from Ik-Sun who has agreed to start dating him. He is over the moon and calls her to arrange to see each other, while Jeong-Won finds out that a liver has been found for Ji-Ah. He tells her parents this, who are relieved to hear the news. Unfortunately, while he later waits for the organ he finds out that the liver is too thick for the baby and therefore cannot be used, which is where the episode ends.

Hospital Playlist has been quite the pleasant medical drama to follow so far, with each week bringing us interesting cases as well as more information on the past for these doctors. They all continue to adopt great chemistry on-screen too, while the rest of the doctors compliment them quite well.

It was nice to see Jun-Wan get the answer he wanted from Ik-Sun while we see just how sad Seok-Hyeong was when he was rejected. We also get more hints that Ik-Jun seems interested in Song-Hwa. Could these two get together one day? It still remains to be seen but in the meantime, Hospital Playlist is a decent series with the right balance of humour, drama and romance as well.

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