Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 20 Recap & Review

The Chairwoman Is Back

Episode 20 of Homemade Love Story starts with Chae-Woon agreeing to move out since she can see her mother will do anything. Soon-Jung follows her out the room and admits that it’s not a lie and that she did kidnap her.

She explains that she used to babysit her and when she had to move, couldn’t bear leaving her behind. Chae-Woon thinks her mother may be threatened and asks her if it is Mi-Ja. Soon-Jung declines this though, telling her she wouldn’t be scared if someone threatened her.

At work, Hae-Deun finds out she has been accepted to be a trainee in France. She is happy but then realizes that she will be living away from home. She meets Jun-Ha in the lift and tells him all about her dreams that are finally coming true.

In LX fashion, Ms Kim berates Seo-A telling Min-Jae about Chae-Woon. Seo-A gets upset and tells her that it was because she found out she is dating Jae-Hee and feels she has already lost her mother.

Ms Kim tries reassuring her, telling her both are her daughters. This makes things worse when Seo-A can’t understand how she considers Chae-Woon to be the same and she has a panic attack.

Chae later goes for a walk with Jae-Hee and catches him up on the latest news. When she tells him her real name, Jae-Hee remembers that Hae-Deun saw that same name in Na-Ro’s room. She tells him she worried about both her mothers so Jae-Hee gives her a big hug. They then head back home for an emergency meeting.

In the villa, Hwak-Se tells the other residents that they have a ghost. The family joke around at first but then agree to take turns guarding during the night. Ra-Hoon quickly heads upstairs and relays all this to Ba-Reun. He tells her that she will have to be more discreet from now on.

Later in the evening, Min-Jae manages to sneak in the villa thanks to Na-Ro. She walks in Jae-Hee’s room and, as expected, sees her ex-husband there. Jae-Hee is shocked to see his mother though, who demands to know what is going on. Jae-Hee asks Jung-Hoo to leave while he speaks to his mother.

While the residents wonder what is going on, Jae-Hee finally reveals to his mother that Jung-Hoo has amnesia. She’s shocked and angry, wondering quite why he kept it from her.

Realizing that he now lives with Soon-Jung, she asks her son to keep the pretense up and not to say anything to anyone. She then heads downstairs and introduces herself. Both Man-Jung and Soon-Jung are surprised to see she is Jae-Hee’s mother.

Meanwhile, the chairwoman arrives at Jung-Won’s residence. Mother and daughter share a frosty reunion while Seo-A is delighted to see her grandma. The latter tells Jung-Won that she should remember that it is thanks to Seo-A’s father that the company survived all those years ago.

This angers Jung-Won who reveals that Seo-Yeon is alive and wants to know what happened. The chairwoman quickly finds an excuse and claims that it must have been Pil-Hong who switched the bodies.

Jae-Hee finally decides to come clean about his father to Chae-Woon but Soon-Jung beats him to it as she has guessed who Jung-Hoo really is. Jae-Hee confirms it and explains the situation with his mother. He asks Soon-Jung to let his father stay a while longer as he has found a lot of comfort in the house.

During the night, Ba-Reun startles Hwak-Se again but this time is caught by Hae-Deun who is not happy to see the girl there. Na-Ro begs her sister not to do anything yet as she had nowhere to go. Hae-Deun wants her to move out the next day as she knows she is only there to get close to Na-Ro.

The next morning, everyone notices how Soon-Jung and Chae-Woon are acting differently towards Jung-Hoo. The latter later has a flashback and almost remembers who Soon-Jung is.

Chae-Woon has managed to get a meeting with Mi-Ja. As they meet in a coffee shop, Chae lies about being offered money which seems to interest the woman. Jae-Hee arrives soon after and pretends that Na-Ro has come clean. This scares Mi-Ja who then runs away. Jae-Hee explains what he has found out about Na-Ro from Hae-Deun, which disappoints Chae-Woon.

Min-Jae later takes a walk in the villa’s neighbourhood and comes face to face with Jung-Hoo working at the restaurant. She sees how kind and polite he is and wonders how he could have changed so much.

Back in the villa, Chae-Woon answers her mother’s phone as the chairwoman rings her. She doesn’t say anything as the woman asks her why she is trying to force Seo-Yeon back into the family, claiming that she is the spawn of the repulsive Park Pil Hong. This shocks Chae-Woon who starts to realize that there is more to the story than what her mother has told her.

In the evening, while everyone eats then sings some songs, Jae-Hee waits for Na-Ro and punches him as soon as he sees him.

The episodes ends with Soon-Jung finding a letter from Chae-Woon telling her she has decided to go and live with Ms Kim. Soon-Jung tries running after her daughter but is too late as she sees her taxi drive away.

The Episode Review

It looks like Na-Ro is about to be caught on his lies as Jae-Hee gets close to the truth regarding this suspicious character. I can’t help but think there is more to his story and I wonder what led to him acting this way.

This episode was of course very dramatic as the chairwoman is now back in Ms Kim’s life and clearly lying to her daughter.

Chae-Woon had to make a very difficult decision but is determined to uncover the truth once and for all now she knows that her grandmother is hiding the truth. It was heartbreaking to see Soon-Jung run after Chae-Woon and I do hope she comes back quickly to the villa.

All the actors are still giving some great performances throughout the series, especially the parents. The triangle between Jung-Hoo, Min-Jae and Soon-Jung is really interesting to watch, especially with their children now dating. I wonder how this will all develop in the coming weeks?

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