Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 19 Recap & Review

The Sad Songs

Episode 19 of Homemade Love Story starts as Ms Kim begs Chae-Woon to go home. She almost faints just as the rest of the household come out to see what is happening. They offer to bring her inside but Ms Kim refuses and decides to walk away.

Just as everyone is about to go in, Chae-Woon changes her mind and follows her birth mother. She holds an umbrella for her and apologises for how she acted while they wait for a taxi.

Back in the villa, Soon-Jung carries on with her ironing, thinking that Chae-Woon should definitely be going to live with her mother. Man-Jung comes in her room too and they both start crying over the situation while listening to some very sad love songs.

We then cut back to Na-Ro being punched and kicked by Pil-Hong’s men. The latter reveals that he knows what he has been planning and gives him 24 hours to get lost. Na-Ro laughs and explains that the family will not accept him as Chae-Woon’s father.

Chae-Woon returns home and heads to see her mum to ask if she knows someone called Byun Mi-Ja. Soon-Jung replies that she doesn’t, which makes Chae-Woon wonder who that woman really was.

Ms Kim returns home to Seo-A who has been very worried about her whereabouts. She guessed that she must have been to see Chae-Woon which makes her very angry as she believes the girl is taking everyone from her.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hoo wakes up in hospital with Jae-Hee by his bedside while Min-Jae wonders what her son is hiding.

In the villa, Chae-Woon is unable to sleep as Jae-Hee is still not back. She heads outside and is shocked to see Na-Ro walking back and limping. He lies that he fell so she follows him in his room with a first-aid kit. She realizes that he didn’t fall but actually got into a fight.

As she tends to his wounds, Jae-Hee and his father arrive in the villa. Jae-Hee gets jealous and stops them when he see the two sitting so close. This annoys Na-Ro who was enjoying the moment.

Later on, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee spend a sweet moment outside and talk about their day while Na-Ro remembers what he said to Pil-Hong. He threatens to reveal to Chae-Woon that he abandoned her all those years ago to score big. He then lies and tells his boss that Chae-Woon is his girlfriend and will believe him for sure.

During the night, Hwak-Se carries on thinking he is seeing ghosts when Ba-Reun heads downstairs to go to the bathroom. In the morning, Man-Jung is surprised to find Hwak-Se sleeping on the floor next to her and throws him out.

At work, Hae-Deun begs her boss to let her be in a trainee program in France. He promises to speak to the CEO which gives her hope. Hae-Deun then comes face to face with Jun-Ha again and tells him she hasn’t got his money yet.

He offers her another 50 dollars and takes her to see his boss once more.  The latter declares that his contract has expired anyway. This prompts Hae-Deun to realize that he doesn’t have the money he owes her so she suggests he sells his shoes.

Back in the villa, Soon-Jung is concerned that Na-Ro doesn’t want any breakfast. Jae-Hee decides to bring him some but Na-Ro claims that he is not hungry and asks if he is really dating Chae-Woon. Jae-Hee confirms it and asks to be friends. Na-Ro refuses which makes Jae-Hee realize that all his friends must have turned their back on him.

Mi-Ja calls Na-Ro and explains that Chae-Woon keeps calling her. He tells her to keep ignoring the calls for now. Unbeknownst to him though, Pil-Hong is with Mi-Ja, smiling. Na-Ro then receives a text informing him that Chairwoman Lee Chun Seok is in Korea but her family is not aware yet.

In a flashback, Seo-A asked Na-Ro to do everything he can to seduce her.

In her office, Ms Kim tries calling her mum and leaves a voicemail demanding to know why she lied all these years ago while Min-Jae finds out that her son is living in Soon-Jung’s house and dating her daughter.

Min-Jae rushes over the neighbourhood and tries finding the villa. Then, she comes face to face with Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee a few minutes later. The two reveal that they are dating, which of course surprises Min-Jae.

In the villa, Hwak-Se returns from a failed job interview. Soon-Jung comforts him then heads outside where Pil-Hong is waiting for her. Min-Jae arrives in the house with Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee and asks to see her son’s room. Jae-Hee does his best to remove all the evidence of his father, but Min-Jae recognizes her husband’s scent.

The episode closes with Pil-Hong thanking Soon-Jung for taking care of Seo-Yeon. Soon-Jung warns Pil-Hong against seeing Chae-Woon but he just laughs in her face as he is planning to introduce himself to her. Soon-Jung stands up to him though and threatens to kill him if he does.

She walks back home and as soon as she sees Chae-Woon, tells her that she should go live with her birth mother. If she doesn’t, she will turn herself in to the police and say she has kidnapped her.

The Episode Review

Homemade Love Story delivers another fun and entertaining episode, with plenty more development for our characters and some tense scenes as well. Na-Ro is in trouble with Pil-Hong and now that the evil man is out of prison, it certainly spells trouble for many members of our family and their friends. Plenty more drama is coming our way, especially with the chairwoman back in town as well.

Hwak-Se is definitely one of my favourite characters and I am rooting for him to get his lucky break and also get the girl he dreams about – which is, of course, Man-Jung. Those two will make a fun and great couple while our main couple of the series carry one sharing some very cute moments together.

Seo-A is definitely trying her best to create tension in their new relationship though as she sent Min-Jae their way, knowing full well how the woman feels about Soon-Jung.

I am sure she has more than one card up her sleeve though and with Na-Ro in the picture as well, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee will certainly face some obstacles. For now, watching the residents at Samgwang villa has definitely become one of my favourite pastimes during the weekend!


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