Hold Tight – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Finale

Who are the kidnappers working with?

Episode 6 of Hold Tight begins with Michal trying desperately to get through to Adam. After his scuffle with Gajos, the phone hangs up. Michal and Anna both head to the police station but with the call not recorded and the police not convinced on foul play (despite what’s going on around town), the pair find themselves at a dead-end.

However, despite all this the police do finally give a press conference informing what’s going on around town. They bring up the two deaths and as word of this spreads, it causes drama with Tadeusz, who hurriedly phones Natan and accuses him of the murders. It appears as if he’s the one in collusion with the kidnappers.

Tadeusz meets with Natan in secret, claiming that this wasn’t part of the plan. Now, it turns out Tadeusz actually saved Natan’s life back in Afghanistan when they served together and he intends to save Tadeusz too.

Gajos and Blazej start panicking when Guru phones Adam’s phone. Unsure what else to do, believing that Adam is dead after they attacked him, they head to Guru and promise to hand over the codes – but only after Joanne helps deal with Adam’s body. When Joanne finds out that Adam is dead, she’s livid. However, when they head back, Adam is gone.

How do Michal and Anna track down Adam?

Michal and Anna visit the CEO of Aerotel, a man who owes Michal a favour. They want to try and track the Czech numbers and after a brief chat, he agrees to help. It doesn’t take long either, and he manages to track down one of Adam’s phones. This happens to be the one Gajos used to message Kaja earlier in the episode and now the jig is up. Michal heads over, finds the boys have fled, and immediately decides to go back to the police again.

At the police station, Tadeusz heads in to make a confession. Unfortunately, he gets cold feet and leaves before he can actually say anything substantial.

Adam visits Joanne at Guru. He tells her he did everything she wanted and got all the prescription codes. The thing is, Anna could go to prison because of her. Adam blames Joanne for Igor’s death, pointing out that she’s the one who had them move his body. When he threatens to go to the police, Joanne holds him up at gunpoint. He pushes her down the stairs, several of Joanne’s goons appear and begin shooting, hitting Michal in the arm as he takes a bullet for Adam.

How is Joanne found guilty?

When the police eventually show up, Adam is reunited with his parents as Joanne is arrested. Adam admits that he didn’t take the prescription codes but he has known what’s been going on for the last two months. They’re supportive and tell him that they could have got through this as a family.

“Do you trust me?” Adam asks the two parents who installed spy software on his phone and constantly traced his every move. They don’t reply and instead, Anna hugs Adam tightly.

So how does Joanne get arrested and incriminated? Well, it turns out Adam actually recorded the conversation with Joanne. Joanne was the one responsible for this drug trafficking. Adam had plans to go to the police and reveal all. When Joanne and the goons found out, they had him locked up and help captive. However, Adam covers for Gajos and Blazej though, claiming he never saw his kidnapper’s faces.

What happened to Igor?

When Adam heads home, we get a big exposition dump about what happened to Igor. It turns out there was a scooter accident a year ago and off the back of this, Igor was given a good deal of pain medication. He took way too much and realized quickly that he could get more prescription meds at Guru. Likewise, when Joanne found out that Igor was an IT expert, the pair joined forces.

Igor built a directional antenna aimed at Adam’s house, hacking into their home network and, subsequently, Anna’s files. Igor finally told Adam everything the night of his death. Before hacking into their security, he stole Anna’s prescription pads, explaining why they were missing from the house. Adam was furious and he lost control that night.

Adam didn’t  kill Igor but this explains why he’s been feeling guilty. But yet, something doesn’t add up here does it? Anna’s pads were inside the safe, meaning Adam is covering for Igor again and the one who handed them over to Igor earlier in the timeline. Anna realizes this at the end of the episode but given she’s cleared of all charges, she decides to dover for her son.

What do the kidnappers want? Who has been blackmailing Tadeusz?

Meanwhile, Natan and Wiera break into Janusz’s house (Marianna’s ex husband), and begin searching around, looking for his laptop and evidence that he’s been sending the blackmailed videos across to Tadeusz. This explains what these two have been up to all season long. They actually don’t really have any connection with Guru.

The kids hide under the bed but Jasmina grabs her dad’s gun and shoots Natan in the chest.

Off the back of this, Tadeusz is called into the police station and questioned over his ties to Marianna. It turns out Marianna came to him after finding out about Jasmina being bullied at school. He’s convinced that this was Marianna’s plan all along. They only met twice but they ended up sleeping together but she recorded the whole incident. He’s convinced that it’s Janusz who has been sending this.

The truth is, it was actually Jasmina, who blackmailed her teacher following his earlier quip about the bearded lady, causing her to be bullied.

The Episode Review

Sol Hold Tight bows out with an indifferent shrug, something that sees the whole show sorta slump over the finish line with a lot of plot holes, a conflicting set of circumstances and a lot of half-baked characters. That’s to say nothing of this ending which feels rushed and with a pretty sloppy investigation.

It’s a real shame too because this series had a lot of potential. By the end, it all accounts for nothing as the series struggles to balance out all of its plot points.

A murder mystery like this lives and dies based on its ending and here we get two concurrent stories, one involving the kidnapping pair and the other with Igor and Adam’s disappearance. The whole drug subplot involving Joanne and Guru has been obvious since about the halfway point of this story, while the kidnappings were just red herring this whole time for a completely separate story involving blackmailed videos.

Red herrings work when there’s something else to grab onto and while the reveal with Jasmina is a good one, foreshadowed from earlier in the story, it also comes about with a fair amount of contrivance too, given this whole narrative was a completely different strand. So what we get is essentially two different stories meshed into one, with neither working particularly well or effectively on their own. This is definitely one of Harlan Coben’s weakest adaptations, and definitely not one you’re likely to return to in a hurry.

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