Hold Tight – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Hold Tight starts with Renata’s body being found and the police – led by Ewelina – trying to piece together what everything means. Not only that, but there’s more drama with some of the evidence. The blood on the wallet is, in fact, Adam’s. However, his DNA doesn’t match Michal’s. This family is full of secrets and no more so than Anna, who’s called in the bureau.

There’s been an increase in the illegal prescription drug trafficking… and that’s led Oliwia and her team to Anna. She’s been dishing out psychotropic drugs and her signature is on a lot of the prescriptions. Anna is shocked, given some of these prescriptions don’t have her handwriting, but the officers deduce that she could have handed her pass to someone else. Even worse, she’s looking at a 2 year sentence in prison. Things don’t look good.

Anna is taken home by Pawel, who warns that she needs to get a good lawyer. In fact, he refers her to Borys, Gajos’ father. Anna is not happy with that given his son could be linked to Adam’s disappearance.

Over at Guru, Joanna questions Gajos over where Adam is. She’s decided they’re both out, angry that they’ve disobeyed her. However, it’s worth noting that Joanna does know about the spy app on his phone. When Michal arrives soon after, Joanna claims he was only there a few times. She also throws a fabricated story about him having communication problems with Kaja.

It would appear that Anna is the link connecting everything together here but despite the police laying out what they know so far, and the chain of events up until this point, it’s tough to see how this all slots together.

Back home Anna realizes she’s lost her prescription pads. It could well be that Adam is involved but then so too could Gajos. Over at Gajos’ place, Gajo starts to lose control, having clearly taken psychotropic drugs. Michal is there with Borys, and he hurriedly phones the police, bringing them in to help.

Meanwhile, Ewelina arrives to see Anna, dropping the bombshell news to her that Michal isn’t Adam’s father. They then leave her to try and process this news. Naturally, when Michal finds out he’s enraged as the family is on the brink of completely falling apart. It turns out this incident happened a month before their wedding but it wasn’t consensual. Anna was raped.

Beata finds a strange wallet Igor was hiding. Within this is a whole pack of Czech SIM cards and pin codes. Showing this to Michal, the pair realize that Igor’s death was not an accident.

After recovering, Gajos heads out but he’s stopped by Joanna and her goons. He’s brought in and warned that if she goes down, he will too. It’s at this point where we learn Adam is still alive and he’s actually being kept in the shed, captive to Gajos and Blazej.

After a scuffle with Gajos, Adam manages to take his burner and while alone, phones home. Michal takes his sweet time to answer but when he does, Gajos comes back in the room.

The Episode Review

So it’s becoming increasingly clear that whatever’s happening here, everything is connected to Guru, those two strangers and Anna. It looks like they’re all trafficking psychotropic drugs for some reason, but there are parts of this puzzle that don’t quite slot together so we’ll have to wait and see where the finale goes.

Hold Tight hasn’t been the best Coben adaptation but it’s been a decent watch all the same. The ending certainly hints that we’ve got a dramatic conclusion to come in this one and hopefully everything is answered in a satisfying way.

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