Hit and Run – Season 1 Episode 4 “Breaking & Entering” Recap & Review

Breaking & Entering

Episode 4 of Hit and Miss begins with investigators arriving down at the dock. They notice the blood spatters and take an eye witness report from a homeless guy called Billy. With a little help from some bribes, he reveals a couple of numbers from the plates and also what sort of car Segev was driving.

Following his big reveal, Segev sends the picture of the assassin and Martin over to Tali and enlists her help to look into this. While she works in Israel, Naomi warns Segev and tells him to clean up before leaving her apartment. Segev eventually opens up and reveals everything he knows to Naomi, including Danielle’s father going missing. Sighing in defeat, she agrees to look into Martin.

Segev meanwhile, heads off to the dance studio but learns that Danielle didn’t actually have an audition there after all. On the way out, Ron picks him up after scrubbing the back of the van clean from blood. It soon gets worse for Segev when he learns all the different dance studios haven’t heard of Danielle Wexler.

Back in Israel, a guy called Tamir holds Assaf prisoner in an abandoned building. He demands to know the truth about Danielle, threatening Assaf. It turns out he met her at a fundraiser, introduced by one of her dancer friends. Danielle being married certainly bothered him, especially given he was in love with her.

Segev miraculously finds out the truth at one of the dance studios. He notices a group photo of different dancers. Among those is a girl called Sophie Dreyer, which just so happens to be our Danielle. After threatening the receptionist, he divulges Sophie’s address.

Ron and Segev break in and begin looking around. It’s definitely the right house and in the bedroom are numerous pictures and awards; an echo of a life Segev had no knowledge of. While sifting through numerous letters in her room, a car pulls up outside.

Ron and Segev try to talk it out with the couple but it all goes horribly wrong. They phone the police while Segev and Ron are forced to flee. On the way out they plough into a police car, which flips over on the road.

This certainly isn’t Segev’s first taste of blood though, especially if their time in Mexico is anything to go by. Ron is not happy, and the pair end up coming to blows over the best way of proceeding forward.

Eventually they end up getting the bus back after dumping the car and the bodies, where Segev checks the letter from Sophie’s desk and notices an address. With the police after them and the pair in deep water, Ron tries to shake Segev out of his entranced state and see sense. He never knew his wife and should quit while he’s ahead. Segev will not be reasoned with though and he hurries off.

Getting to her apartment, it turns out her neighbour Gloria has been holding on to Sophie’s things – including a box that’s arrived recently for her. It’s been 9 months since she was there and it’s now clear she was clearly living a double life.

Meanwhile, Naomi leaves a voicemail for Segev about the Wexler family. Apparently they’re dangerous and she warns him off. When Segev does eventually answer his phone, the pair talk about Sophie’s parents. It seems they’re sophisticated and have done well to cover their tracks. They not only paid quadruple to fool him at the wake, they also seem to be well equipped to stave off any investigations. Well, Naomi suggests Segev look into Sophie instead.

Within her apartment Segev finds a gun and a passport hidden in a secret compartment by the window. And now the truth comes tumbling out. With a scene interwoven with that of Assaf being interrogated, it’s revealed that Sophie is actually an intelligence agent and worked for the CIA.

The Episode Review

With the truth about Danielle/Sophie revealed and plenty of big talking points, Hit and Run blasts out the gates with another absorbing episode. However, there are some contrivances and little plot holes that are just starting to seep into the main story.

Why aren’t there more police after Segev following the incident in the road? Why would Segev just expose himself in front of these two strangers after breaking into their house? How did he think that was going to go? Could he not have left and then knocked on their door?

And this comes off the back of the extreme bit of luck in finding Sophie’s picture at the dance studio too.

Still, beyond these niggling issues Hit and Run continues to deliver enthralling action, with that big cliffhanger ending leaving the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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