Hit and Run – Season 1 Episode 5 “Flesh & Blood” Recap & Review

Flesh & Blood

Episode 5 of Hit and Miss begins with the New York detectives starting to close in on Segev. They find the dead bodies dumped and start to piece together what happened.

At the same time, Tamir continues to question Assaf. It turns out Assaf supplied her with confidential information for months. Could this be why she wanted to continue their affair? For now though, Tamir agrees to release him, letting the guy go home to his wife.

At the station, Tali runs some facial recognition software on the assassin, learning that he was American. As she scrambles to phone Segev, he gives her a new mission – to visit the hipster bar in Florentine. He wants her to wait until 7am where he’ll ring her with extra instructions.

It seems like Segev’s phone has been bugged and given Sophie’s potential ties to the CIA, Segev decides not to talk on the phone. Instead, he agrees to get all the passports and hand them over to her so she can check them.

In the meantime, Tali obtains a burner phone and rings Segev from a secure line. The assassin who attacked Segev was an American by the name of Scott Chase. He was part of cultural affairs and his death certificate states he died in Maryland. That’s obviously not in Israel.

After telling Tali about the Sophie Dreyer situation, Segev decides to try and hunt down Martin and find out what his connection to all this is.

After being taken by Tamir, Assaf is understandably paranoid. He searches around for recording devices while his wife berates him. Eventually she snaps and forces Assaf out the house.

The situation with Ron’s van takes a turn for the worst when the detectives trace it back to a woman named Jenny. She’s currently with her son and Ron out in the back. Well, Ron immediately bolts when he sees the detective and finds himself public enemy number 1.

Meanwhile, Naomi finishes her fundraiser and heads over to see Segev. She’s confused about the Israeli passport, especially given Israel and the US are both allies.

Interestingly, Sophie also has a letter from the New York Times relating to friction between Israel and the US. The writer, Bill McAfree, was pressured to take down the article and was questioned about a mid-level bureaucrat called Shaul Mandel. Whoever these bad guys are, they trashed his apartment and threatened him to the point of silence.

With a name to go on, Segev and Naomi team up together to try and track down Mandel. However, the situation with Ron puts unnecessary heat on the duo and it forces them to pass the baton over to Tali. Well, Tali picks up the pieces and finds Mandel. He too was threatened…by a man named Assaf. It seems everything is connected and it puts Assaf back in the firing line again.

Segev receives a call from Ella confirming that Grandpa Wexler is about to take her out for the day. Realizing his family is in danger, Segev races up to the airport. However, he’s obviously wanted by police and his passport flags up immediately. Officers charge after Segev, but he just about manages to get away on the subway before he’s caught.

The Episode Review

As we cross the halfway point of this series, more home truths start to come to light. It seems Assaf is heavily involved in what’s happening and more so than we thought before. If I had to wager a guess, it seems Sophie adopted the alias of Danielle to track down Assaf and target him. The affair and marriage was all part of a front to gain crucial intel on the guy… but to what end?

Not everything has been revealed yet and part of the allure with this series is figuring out the different pieces and how they fit together. There’s certainly a lot of intriguing elements to this show, if you can look past some of the plot contrivances.

After mentioning the police ineptitude last episode, this time they actually come out as a formidable force, closing in on Ron and Segev. With Segev destined to end up in prison, this chase looks like it’s only going to end in one way. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out though! For now, Hit and Run delivers another pacey and exhilarating episode.

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