High Seas – Season 1 Episode 4 “Change Of Destination” Recap & Review

The Truth Will Out

High Seas returns and the halfway point marks a change in pace and direction for the rest of the show. Big secrets are revealed this episode, with Luisa revealing that her chance encounter with them at the port wasn’t a chance encounter after all – she orchestrated the entire thing. She and Mario set everyone up to believe it was Luisa who died when they threw a body overboard and reveal that actually Uncle Pedro and Dr. Rojas are responsible for the murder of the body they threw off the boat. In order to prove this, Carolina is tasked with finding a microfilm to prove their guilt.

While this is going on, most of the episode advances the various romances between the side characters. The love triangle between Sebastien, Veronica and Dimas continues before Fernando is informed by the Captain of the ship that given the circumstances, they’re heading for the nearest port which he begrudgingly agrees to.

Meanwhile, Detective Varela continues to interrogate the passengers, this time turning his attention to Uncle Pedro. After a fruitless search, Carolina goes investigating and quickly hides as Pedro and Dr Roja enter the room. They discuss his nieces and his plans for them while she hides behind the desk. It turns out Pedro is after Eva’s necklace and after leaving the room, he manages to slip it off her neck and tells his niece that he’ll get it fixed for her. Before he can make off with it though, Carolina appears and takes the necklace for herself.

The storm then begins picking up and the crew tell all the passengers to get back to their cabins due to the devastating turbulence. Unfortunately, this also spurs Anibal to take drastic action as he grabs a gun and heads for the bridge. As he points the gun at the Captain, the Captain himself turns round with a gun of his own. As they both stare each other down, Nicolas jumps in the way and the screen fades to black as a gunshot ricochets around the ship.

Once again, High Seas delivers an enjoyable and exciting episode. While the exterior shots of the ship during the storm are plagued by some pretty poor CGI, there’s enough here to look past that and focus on the story instead. It’s not perfect, but there’s enough here to make for an interesting murder mystery with enough twists and turns along the way to keep things unpredictable.


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