High Seas – Season 1 Episode 3 “Sofia” Recap & Review


The Big Cliffhanger

High Sea’s third episode sees Eva and Nicolas kick things off with them speculating over whether Varela paid Manuel to confess to the murder. Unfortunately they don’t get long to ponder this as it turns out Manuel has been killed overnight. As his friend Dimas catches wind of this news, he immediately suspects Varela isn’t telling the whole truth and confronts him. Someone appears to be covering their tracks but at the moment, it’s still very much unknown over who is to blame.

After discussing the wounds on Manuel and whether they’re consistent with suicide, Eva finds a photo of what appears to be Luisa and quizzes Uncle Pedro about it. He keeps his cards close to his chest though and doesn’t give anything away, telling her that his brother was tight-lipped about these sort of affairs. As he leaves with Carolina, a thought provoking stare and a later conversation reveal the family have far darker secrets than they feared.

Following her unpleasant encounter with Anibel the night before, Clara declares to the audience she’s unable to sing for the evening, prompting another nasty visit but she’s saved at the last minute by her boyfriend’s arrival.

As the investigation deepens, a fire breaks out in one of the cabins. The cabin belonging to Eva. As she scrambles out of the bath, flames gather momentum and she appears to be trapped until Nicolas bursts in and saves her. While she recovers, the captain advises Fernando they should dock at the nearest port given the seriousness of the situation to which he fruitlessly decides against.

Back in the cabins, Carolina finds some documents that detail a woman named Sofia’s last name which is familiar to Nicolas – he hired someone with the same surname, a man named Mario. They question him about the photo down in the hold but he emotionlessly declares he doesn’t know her. Unhappy with this explanation and sensing things are afoul, Carolina goes searching for clues but instead finds Luisa hiding in one of the cargo holds. Gasping, she turns around to find Mario who enters the room and shuts it behind him.

In terms of cliffhangers, this one is certainly one of the biggest. Luisa still being alive is a pretty big curve-ball for the series and it’ll be interesting to see how everyone reacts to this going forward. Quite who was responsible for Manuel’s death remains a mystery but with family secrets slowly oozing out, it won’t be long before more home truths and shocks follow in High Seas.


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