High Seas – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Storm” Recap & Review


The Storm Is Here

We return to High Seas to find Nicolas has been shot. Dr Rojas is called to help and he scrambles to heal Nicolas’ wounds while one of the nurses suddenly becomes dizzy and bows out of the surgery. Desperate for an extra pair of hands, Eva steps up and helps the Doctor, offering words of encouragement to Nicolas while they work on healing him.

While Eva and Dr Rojas scramble to save his life, Uncle Pedro receives a message to meet him up on the promenade while the storm continues to gets worse outside. Waves crash into the side of the ship and lurch it up and down, causing the ship to buckle and items to tip and sway. Chairs slide across the room, plates smash and the passengers hurry to grab their life-jackets just incase they have to evacuate

Thankfully, it’s not needed and the ship makes it through the storm in one piece along with Nicolas whose fully recovered now. He goes to the Captain and makes sure he’s okay while Sebastian tries to win over Veronica again.

Meanwhile, Luisa finds the microfilm she’s been looking for in the typewriter in Carolina’s room and after evading the sisters, immediately takes it back to Mario down in the cargo hold. While the Sisters are preoccupied by following their Uncle, Dr Rojas ambushes Luisa and holds her at gunpoint, demanding she hand over the microfilm.

The episode then ends with Anibal confronting Natalia over her plans to poison him, kicking her and taking his belt off ready to whip her. However, Clara shows up at the last second and smashes a vase over his head, killing him instantly.

After the fourth episode delivered a dramatic burst of character driven revelations, the fifth does feel a little anticlimactic by comparison. The storm lasts for half an episode tops and the romantic subplot involving Sebastien lasts for far longer than it perhaps should. It’s material we’ve seen before and it just feels drawn out here which is a bit of a shame.

Despite that, the episode does well to keep the mystery going but it also feels like the wind has been taken out the sails of this one a little bit. Hopefully things pick up but for now, High Seas is happy to plod along at a methodically slow pace.


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2 thoughts on “High Seas – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Storm” Recap & Review”

  1. Thanks for the heads up Michelle, really appreciate that! Definitely got those two characters round the wrong way when writing this initially! It’s all updated and corrected, thanks again!

    -Greg Wheeler

  2. Major mixup in Paragraph 5, says Anibal attempted to whip Clara and then Natalia comes in and kills him but it was actually the opposite. Anibal is trying to whip Natalia for trying to poison him and then Clara comes to her rescue and accidentally kills him.

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