High Seas – Season 1 Episode 2 “The Rings” Recap & Review


Manuel’s Confession

We return to High Seas right where we left off from before. The crew on board the boat find Luisa’s clothes half a mile away thanks to a rowboat sent out to look for clues. With whispers growing around the boat over what’s going on, Eva goes it alone and tries to find clues over what happened that night.

She immediately begins suspecting Fernando thanks to a few suspicious letters on his desk. She confronts him over this but, visibly stressed, he lashes out when she confronts him and tells her to leave. While Eva continues on her crusade across the boat, Detective Varela begins looking into the murder too, called into the cargo hold where the crew have found suspicious marks as if someone was trying to find something in the luggage. The luggage just so happens to belong to the girls. It looks like someone was looking for something but whatever it was, it seems unlikely they’ve found it, for now.

Detective Varela then interviews Manuel who confesses to killing Luisa after Varela threatens him with violence if he doesn’t talk. He tells them she was silent when he threw her overboard but this story contradicts both Eva and First Officer Nicolas’ series of events. He immediately talks to Eva and tells her he isn’t so sure Manuel is the one to blame. As they discuss the events from the previous night, they’re both in agreement that whoever the woman was, she definitely screamed.

Deciding to get to the bottom of what’s happened, Eva and Nicolas go and see Manuel while Clara has an unpleasant encounter with Anibel in her cabin. Manuel admits to them he didn’t kill her but infact was covering up for someone else. Unfortunately, he’s tight-lipped over who it was for fear of them killing him. As the episode closes out, we catch a glimpse of one character who lied to the detectives and an ominous sign of what’s to come.

For the most part, High Seas does well to keep things interesting, with a deeper mystery and some nice drama to balance things out, especially with Manuel’s false confession. The various romantic subplots begin to take shape here too, with Veronica and Clara both caught into their own subplot, both good and bad, for the duration of the episode. This, of course, plays a bigger part late on but for now High Seas delivers another enjoyable episode, even if it isn’t quite as good as the first.


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