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Episode 11 of Hello Me begins with Ha-Ni getting dressed up for her presentation. She visits the salon early, with a new suit and make-up ready to tackle the day ahead. Even Scarlett is surprised, singing her older-self’s praises as she leaves. In the main atrium, Ha-Ni comes across Yu-Hyeon too who encourages her.

Ha-Ni makes it to her presentation and blows everyone away with her heartfelt speech about children with lactose intolerance. After all, she wants to make a snack that everyone can enjoy together.

Meanwhile, Scarlett looks close to answering her ringing phone back home but she’s distracted at the last second by her Aunt appearing. Ha-Young bemoans the state of Ha-Ni’s apartment after dropping off some food. As she quizzes about a vacuum cleaner, Scarlett suddenly gets a burst of inspiration and heads off to see Ha-Ni. When she dies, Ha-Young notices her phone ringing and picks it up. The message on there reads “D-34”.

Yu-Hyeon is confident they’ve won the contest and he takes Ha-Ni and Scarlett out for food that evening. With Ha-Ni and Scarlett sitting opposite one another, Yu-Hyeon comments how alike they really are.

Scarlett gets food down her top though and hurries off to the bathroom. While they’re gone, Yu-Hyeon spies Ha-Ni’s phone and notices a message from the fortune teller telling her to show up with the “girl from the past.”

Yu-Hyeon deliberates over this message, especially when the girls return to the table. Scarlett notices the TV on and, more specifically, a news report confirming that heavy rain is scheduled to fall in the metropolitan area.

The pair charge out the house, desperate to get a taxi as Yu-Hyeon watches on. He’s puzzled, especially when Ha-Ni forgets her phone in the commotion. For the time being he decides to hold onto it. This, coupled with an ominous call from the shaman, hints that Yu-Hyeon knows what’s going on with Ha-Ni.

While Yu-Hyeon hangs back at the restaurant, Ha-Ni and Scarlett drive off together, hand in hand, as they prepare for the inevitable. Scarlett hands over the keychain and the two prepare themselves for an emotional goodbye.

Ha-Ni suddenly realizes she left her phone in the restaurant though and uses Scarlett’s to ring through. Yu-Hyeon answers, confirming she left it behind. As we soon find out, Ha-Ni actually left a tracking app on Scarlett’s phone and asks Yu-Hyeon to use it now so he can track them down.

That’s just as well too as it begins raining. Raindrops pelt the taxi as it crashes into a tree. When it does, both Ha-Ni and Scarlett awaken from their ordeal to find themselves in hospital. Yu-Hyeon is there too, along with Shaman Jobseu Doryeong. Unfortunately it’s not a happy reunion as he tells them they have a serious problem.

The heavens are out of balance and with this sense of disorder, the universe is looking to course correct itself. The same two people can’t exist in the same space and that means that something bad is going to happen. Specifically, every time it rains the shadows of fate are going to come for her and try to kill Scarlett.

When the Shaman leaves, Scarlett eventually wakes up and learns she’s in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ji-Eun is brought in for a private meal with her Mother at the restaurant. She apologizes for being so hard on her all this time and lavishes praise on Ji-Eun. She admits she’s not a good person as Ji-Eun struggles to hold back tears. However, it’s hard to shake the fact Ji-Sook is scheming something.

At the same time, Chairman Han speaks to Do-Yun and admits that he’s going blind. It’s a tough pill to swallow, and one that sees Do-Yun struggle to hold back tears as his Uncle stumbles out the room.

Meanwhile, Ha-Ni and Scarlett head home where they find the apartment spotless and completely clean. This was all Ha-Young’s doing, and she even left a vacuum behind for them too. However, Ha-Young’s investigative work sees her stumble upon a big revelation. As she researches online, she realizes that Scarlett is not Ha-Ni’s daughter.

Anyway, back at Ha-Ni’s place Yu-Hyeon drops off some porridge and a thank you note. Scarlett is the one to read it though as Ha-Ni realizes that this note is actually intended for her. As Yu-Hyeon leaves, Ha-Ni follows and thanks him for his kindness and everything he’s done.

Back inside, Ha-Ni breaks the news to Scarlett that Yu-Hyeon knows everything now. They can drop the charade as the secret is well and truly out now.

Back at Joa Confectionary, Ji-Sook makes her move. She speaks to Ji-Eun and tells her that she’s intending to take back everything belonging to her. Only, she wants Ji-Eun to sabotage the company for their “family”. This now makes the earlier conversation a lot clearer as she’s manipulating her daughter into doing her dirty work.

Well, the first part of this includes hacking into Ha-Ni’s computer and using a USB stick to copy across company files. This will almost certainly cause problems going forward.

In the morning, Anthony arrives to pick up Ha-Ni, determined to try and curb his lovesickness. Only, Yu-Hyeon tags along too, much to Anthony’s disdain.

He does his best to try and woo Ha-Ni but Yu-Hyeon continues to block his advances. Ha-Ni eventually heads into the office and learns that she’s won the contest. The team have a cake and sing to her too. Unfortunately, this victory is short-lived thanks to Ji-Eun’s deception. The Inspection Division show up and ask to talk. Yu-Hyeon is taken too as the pair learn they’re being investigated for plagiarizing their idea.

The Episode Review

Hello Me returns this week with one of its best episodes. The healing parts of this drama work beautifully against the more comedic elements and this week injects some genuine stakes into the story. The shadows operating in the rain adds a touch of suspense here while the different subplots now start to take shape and come to fruition.

This episode in particular develops each of the characters nicely, especially Ha-Ni and Ji-Eun who both have decent arcs. The latter finds herself torn between her friends and family, eventually choosing the latter and becoming her Mother’s puppet. Ji-Sook’s whole plan is pretty dastardly and I’d imagine all of this is going to blow up in her face pretty quickly.

Also, is the taxi driver okay? We didn’t really see anything from that after the accident so hopefully he’s okay and wasn’t too hurt!

Despite that, Hello Me bows out with a wonderful episode, one that leaves the door wide open for tomorrow’s follow-up. Based on this showing, it could well be the best yet. Fingers crossed!

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