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Episode 12 of Hello Me begins with Ji-Eun feeling guilty about her deception. However, Ji-Sook arrives and stops her from spilling the truth to Do-Yun.

Well, he soon finds out about the plagiarizing issue though and suggests he lead the investigation. Ha-Young refuses though as Chairman Han shows up and tells them they need to do a thorough investigation.

Well, this sees both Yu-Hyeon and Ha-Ni forced to face the committee as they show their copies of the documents. After saying their piece, Yu-Hyeon heads off to see his Father, telling him he’d never do anything so deceptive. The two continue to get along well, with Yu-Hyeon holding his hand and admitting that he’s stronger than him now.

Later that day, Scarlett rings Anthony and shows up at the audition with him. Anthony is completely on edge though, burning his tongue on tea and snapping at everyone.

Well, Scarlett gives him encouraging words about being his best self and embracing happiness, even if that means living a life that’s not quite as glamorous as the one he currently has. After this, Anthony heads in with renewed vigor and seems to nail his audition.

Meanwhile, a despairing Ha-Ni finds herself falling out with Scarlett. Only, Yu-Hyeon is outside and he offers her some encouraging words of wisdom. He even hugs her too, telling the girl she’s amazing.

Elsewhere, Do-Yun senses that something is up with Ji-Eun. He believes that she may be hiding something regarding the plagiarism issue. In fact, he schedules a meeting to get to the bottom of all this. Instead of the team manager showing, Ji-Sook appears at the door. She admits that the manager is not coming and outright admits to the corruption and plagiarism. She also hands over a USB stick too which holds CCTV footage from the previous night. That, unfortunately, confirms that Ji-Eun is the one responsible.

While they talk, Yu-Hyeon too figures out that Ji-Sook is responsible for the plagiarism, asking Seung-Sook about the confectionary gig and how he’s slipped up with the answers. This brings him to Do-Yun, where they both drink together and discuss the work incident.

Do-Yun remains poker-faced though and tells his cousin to bring proof. In secret, he knows that Ji-Eun is caught in the firing line and admits to Ji-Sook that he’ll do everything in his power now to keep his family safe.

Ji-Eun heads over to see Ha-Ni. While she does, we see the truth that she was going to plagiarize the work but decided against pasting the files across onto the USB stick. At least, that’s what it looks like from the camera angles.

Anyway, she doesn’t tell the two Ha-Ni’s this and instead keeps a straight face as Ha-Ni apologizes for her hurtful words against her at the hospital when they were kids. This allows them both to open up as Ji-Eun admits that the whole team really like her.

The next day our foursome head out for a fun afternoon. Anthony and Yu-Hyeon obviously continue to bicker and fight but Scarlett takes Anthony aside for an ice cream. While they do, Anthony learns he’s got the movie role and embraces Scarlett happily.

Meanwhile, trouble brews at Joa Confectionary. News breaks online that a popular baby snack, Mom’s Love, has been found with small metallic items inside. This, of course, is Ji-Sook’s doing and her plan now starts to come into focus.

Chairman Han is immediately consumed by stress, as his vision continues to blur and he collapses on the ground. This leads Do-Yun to ring Yu-Hyeon and break the bad news to him. Yu-Hyeon rushes out his apartment and straight to the hospital.

At the same time, Ha-Ni and Scarlett both head home and find their Mother there waiting for them, a shocked expression on her face.

The Episode Review

Hello Me bows out with another great episode as the back-end of this Korean drama is really starting to lean into this corruption scandal. Ji-Sook is pretty cunning as well and seeing this whole plan come into fruition while Chairman Han’s health deteriorates doesn’t bode well for our characters going forward.

Meanwhile, various different characters are starting to figure out that Ha-Ni and Scarlett are one and the same, leading to that big reveal at the end. With their Mother waiting at the rooftop apartment for them, this sets up a tantalizing showdown next week between the two.

So far, Hello Me has been a really enjoyable comedic drama. It may not be the best this year but it is a consistently enjoyable one, leaving the door wide open for the final four episodes.

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  1. Did I saw Anthony, the extremely lactose intolerant guy, eat a vanilla ice-cream? Isn’t milk on of the main ingredient for that? One tiny bit of inconsistent details they missed.

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