Hello, Me! – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Episode 10 of Hello, Me! begins with a brief dream sequence involving Ha-Ni’s grandmother. News of Gi-Tae’s death hits her hard. We then jump back to the present as she seems to recognize Scarlett and hugs her.

She has something for the girl, which comes in the form of an extension cord. She hands it over and tells Scarlett that it’s important she answer her call. Hong-Nyeon hugs her granddaughter and tells her she’ll make sure she doesn’t die. On the way out though, Scarlett drops the cord thanks to Seong-U arriving and asking for her phone number.

Meanwhile, Ha-Ni attends her work meeting where everyone seems to know about Jung-Do and Ok-Joo – they’re keeping it a secret. However, Ha-Ni is invited along with the pair for drinks, where she learns about the survey for snacks.

Elsewhere, Yu-Hyeon heads out for a coffee, with some cheeky product placement for Cafe Adagio along the way. Only, the ladies back in the restaurant demand he head back as soon as possible.

Speaking of eateries, Do-Yun leaves the restaurant with Ji-Eun but bumps into his mother. Only, she happens to be there on a secret meeting with the factory manager, talking to him about her upcoming scheme. He, in turn, smartly records the conversation with Ms Han and reflects on what this means when she leaves.

Ha-Ni receives a visit from her Mother who hands over the old cell phone charger. After dropping it off, she heads outside where Yu-Hyeon shows up at her apartment. She grins, questioning whether he’s really just a work colleague. She even tells Ha-Ni in secret that he’s a great catch!

Meanwhile, a freezing cold Scarlett eventually scrambles back inside, but Ha-Ni confronts her over visiting their grandmother. At the same time, Chairman Han learns that he’s going blind. It’s a pretty crushing blow for him and one that sees the Chairman practicing with sunglasses on. Only, he bumps into Yu-Hyeon in the park.

Together, they head out for dinner together. It’s a really nice meal, one that sees them both share drinks and have a good time. It’s a proper Father/son bonding session that the Chairman comments hasn’t happened in a long time.

In the morning, Scarlett tries sneaking out but Ha-Ni notices and checks through her bag. She finds the management contract and immediately heads to the agency, telling them she can’t do this.

The two wrestle, eventually leading to a big disaster at a photoshoot. Only, Scarlett suggests she help and solve the problem. Well, this involves posing as a family with Anthony and Ha-Ni. Scarlett seals the deal, promising Ha-Ni that she’ll stay stay at home until she goes if they do this for her.

Things go surprisingly well, with Anthony even acting sweetly and shyly handing over a framed photo of Ha-Ni and Scarlett together. He tells Ha-Ni that it’s good to see her smile again.

Yu-Hyeon heads back home with his family. There, Do-Yun breaks the news about the pregnancy (thanks in part to Yu-Hyeon letting it slip) and proceeds to celebrate with them all.

Outside, Ji-Sook drops Yu-Hyeon off back home and offers him  some money. Yu-Hyeon refuses though and tells her he likes working toward something.  When she leaves, Ha-Ni and Scarlett notice and eventually confront him over the gigolo story. He’s taken aback by this and eventually explains the situation.

On the back of this, he heads off purposefully with Ha-Ni and Scarlett to the product survey test for their tofu snacks. After managing to spice up their snacks, Ha-Ni takes to the stage with her squid helmet and prepares to pitch.

Back home, Scarlett notices her old cell phone ringing after charging it up for the day. As she looks set to answer it, the episode comes to an agonizing close.

The Episode Review

Hello Me returns with another bubbly, fun-loving episode, one that sees Ha-Ni and Yu-Hyeon continue to turn on the charm with their snacks. There were a fair few wholesome moments packed in here too, including the lovely family reunion and reveal that Ji-Eun is pregnant.

Alongside this we have Chairman Han and his son finally sharing drinks, with Yu-Hyeon understanding much better now what it’s like to be a responsible adult. Refusing to take money from his Aunt is a great sign of this development too and really shows how far his character has grown over the weeks.

Accompanying those moments is Ha-Ni’s story and it’s hard not to think that her Grandmother knows something about the time jumping.

Her urgent pleas for Scarlett to charge up her old phone, along with promising to save her seems like it may be hinting toward the timeline being distorted slightly – hence why we’ve got two Ha-Ni’s together. Either way, Hello Me continues to deliver some pretty good comedy and the ending certainly leaves the door wide open for more.

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