Hello, Me! – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Six Weeks Pregnant

Episode 9 of Hello, Me! begins with Ha-Ni and Scarlett heading inside and noticing their apartment has been trashed. Unfortunately things take a turn for the worse when the lights suddenly shut off. When they do, a ghostly female figure walks past the door. Anthony and Yu-Hyeon notice and quickly hug each other.

Determined to stop the threat, this merry band of misfits head out with garlic, a cross and a broom. Screaming, they notice a woman wearing white up on the rooftop. Eventually they chase after her down the street.

This chase sees a whole swarm of people after this white robed mystery woman. Anthony and Yu-Hyeon wind up throwing things at each other on the way, which subsequently leads to yet another confrontation between the pair.

Anyway, Ha-Ni and Scarlett eventually catch the woman in an alleyway as she pretends to be a ghost again. It doesn’t work this time as she slumps her shoulders and concedes defeat. It turns out it’s their landlord. Or, more specifically, her daughter. She was pretending the place was haunted to kick them out. This leads to Ha-Ni and Scarlett negotiating a lower rent to prevent them going to the police.

Outside, Yu-Hyeon and Anthony come to blows in the playground, removing their coats and preparing to battle it out… Only, they instead sit on the bench together where Yu-Hyeon admits that he likes Ha-Ni, likening her to Superman. Yu-Hyeon heads back upstairs again and winds up eating snacks with Ha-Ni and Scarlett, determined to help them clean up.

In the morning an enthusiastic Yu-Hyeon shows Ha-Ni the research he’s done on different snacks. Ha-Ni is pretty impressed too, as the pair sit together at breakfast. At the same time, Anthony arrives at Ha-Ni’s house where Scarlett confirms that she’s left early with “Blue Bird”. Anthony despairs.

Meanwhile, Chairman Han learns that Yu-Hyeon and Ha-Ni are teaming up together. In his office, he’s happy that they’re together, believing this is a good thing for his son. Shaking his head, he calls her a remarkable woman.

Anthony brings Scarlett into the office where he learns that the agency is going to sign her up. After all, that would mean Ha-Ni will drop by more often – something that Anthony immediately sees as a massive win.

Before that happens, Anthony decides to ruffle her feathers… but it definitely doesn’t work. Instead, Scarlett completely shoots him down while she’s eating. She antagonizes him, forcing Anthony into submission.

At the office, Ji-Eun’s jealousy gets the better of her as she checks Ha-Ni’s notes and sees lots of sketches and research. However, her stomach pains intensify, prompting her to phone Do-Yun and ask him to take her to the hospital.

Once there, they get their results back and learn that she’s actually six weeks pregnant! It’s great news and one that sees Ji-Eun immediately think back to her aggressive dancing and drinking, worrying that it won’t be good for the baby. Now that she’s going to be a Mum, Do-Yun smiles at her warmly as they prepare for the new arrival to their family.

Meanwhile, Han Ji-Sook continues to scheme, determined to win as many shares as she possibly can. This comes in the form of a possible coo – plummeting the share price of Joa Confectionary and then buying back all the shares. Of course, this would mean causing something bad to happen in order to force that play. To be continued…

In the kitchen, Seung-Seok is demoted after misusing the company credit card and made to work there too. At the same time, Scarlett decides to go ahead with the contract but she needs to bring Ha-Ni in to sign given she’s a minor. Scarlett is not happy with this but Anthony obviously is, suggesting he wait at the front for her arrival.

At the supermarket, Bang Ok-Joo and Yong-Hwa arrive and are amazed to see Ha-Ni already there. It turns out the snacks have completely sold out an hour into the 3 hour event. This means they don’t need to do the survey, and instead decide to set out and cook a tasty meal together that night.

With both of them flirting and hugging together down the aisles, they suddenly look up and notice Ha-Ni nearby. She promises not to say anything about their hidden romance though.

Back home, Ha-Ni speaks to Ha-Young at her house, confirming that Seung-Soo shouldn’t meet Scarlett. As they talk, Ha-Ni shows off the cassette player with their Father’s voice recording. Ha-Young has tears in her eyes, but the pair of them are interrupted by her Grandmother, Lee Hong-Nyeon, suddenly going missing.

With the family out looking for her, they eventually uncover the woman out in the road. She continues to repeat that she needs to save Ha-Ni no matter what. Unfortunately her condition takes a turn for the worst and she doesn’t recognize Ha-Ni, asking just who she is.

Ha-Ni returns home with tofu, deciding that this is what she needs to make her healthy snacks. She also breaks the news to Scarlett that their grandmother has dementia and she’s going to be admitted to a nursing home. Scarlett asks to see her, which Ha-Ni decides to think over for the rest of the day.

Well, Yu-Hyeon gives her something else to think about, as he makes breakfast for them both. He tells her to think of him during the day. While he puts a spoon in her hand and looks longingly into her eyes, Scarlett sneaks into Ha-Young’s house. There, she finds her Grandmother asleep in bed. Only, she suddenly sits upright and calls Scarlett her puppy.

The Episode Review

Hello, Me! returns this week with another fun loving episode, one that sees Scarlett finally meet her Grandmother again. It seems like Ha-Ni’s Grandmother may actually be connected to this in some way. Her cries in the street about the “other Ha-Ni” may well be hinting at what’s happened to Scarlett. Could this be some sort of ripple effect across the two timelines? Either way, it’s an intriguing notion to bring forward.

Meanwhile, Yu-Hyeon and Ha-Ni continue to grow closer together with Yu-Hyeon pretty much admitting that he likes Ha-Ni at the end. On top of this, we’ve got Anthony who’s also fighting for Ha-Ni’s affection and trying to grow closer to Scarlett in order to make this happen.

While there’s nothing outstanding about this comedy, it is a lighthearted romp nonetheless and has enough in the bag to make for a compelling watch. There’s some great humour placed in along the way – namely the ghostly landlord early on – but beyond that the show connotes to deliver a lighthearted slice of drama. Bring on the next episode!

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