Guns & Gulaabs – Episode 6 Recap & Review

Chapter 6: Pyaar Chutiyapa Hai

Episode 6 of Guns & Gulaabs starts with Bunty telling tales of how Tipu had saved his life the night before. Jugnu tries to reward Titu with a gold ring but the latter refuses to take it, claiming that he’s only waiting to avenge Suneel’s death.

Ramprasad asks why Arjun was holding off from signing the documents when a narcotics officer claims that he wanted to do it all at once after all the farms had been raided. Meanwhile, Gangaram eats his lunch away from his friends after feeling betrayed by Lalkrishna for letting Jyotsna and her friends sit with them.

Later that evening, Arjun drops Ramprasad home and confesses that he was trying to steal the opium crops and sell them off. He claims that he will lose his family, career and reputation if he does not do so. Arjun gives Ramprasad the choice to report or help him.

Ramprasad decides to help Arjun and tells him to hasten up the raids because the factories are soon going to be inspected. Gangaram finds Chandralekha after school and confesses his feelings to his teacher. She is shocked and refuses to listen to Gangaram. However, he continues to declare his love for her and asks her to respond to him after thinking over it.

At the same time, Tipu decides that the only way to get the opium for Chandralekha’s father was by raiding one of Sherpur’s farms but decides against it since the incident at the hospital. Tipu and Bunty spot Arjun and Sukanto talking from afar. The two finalise the date of delivery for the order.

Mahinder tells Jugnu how Ganchi was ready to adopt Nabeed and raise him as his heir because he was unable to bear a male child. Jugnu wonders why Ganchi would not let his daughter run the business while Mahinder claims that dealing drugs was not a woman’s job.

Jugnu calls Nabeed and asks him to meet him in person to have a discussion. Tipu who used to be a long-time neighbour of narcotics officer Kanchi gets the officer drunk and asks him about Arjun’s raids. Kanchi claims that Arjun was not reporting the raids despite the factory being loaded with opium.

The next morning, Arjun decides to meet Yamini one last time. He tells her that he does not regret the relationship they had in the past nor will he hate her for what Pratap would make her do to harm him. Arjun leaves the motel promising to never meet her again.

On his way out, he beats up one of Pratap’s goons named Dheeraj for talking badly about his wife. At school that day, Lalkrishna fights with Gangaram, accusing him of making another obscene drawing on Jyotsna’s desk. The two friends get into a fistfight when Gangaram agrees to apologise to her and asks Lalkrishna to apologise for making the obscene sketch on the street.

Jyotsna is hurt by Lalkrishna’s actions and tells him that she hates him. The boys are taken to the principal’s where the principal is shocked to learn that Lalkrishna was involved in the incident. The trio are asked to write s letter of apology to the school and to Jyotsna while parents are called in.

Aatmaram tells his men that he has already lost 4 out of the 7 lives that an old monk had predicted he would live for. He asks the men to make sure they bring Tipu alive so that he can kill them with his own hands. Before leaving the restaurant they’re eating at, Aatmaram kills the owner of the restaurant for assaulting his son just like his father would assault him when he was younger.

SP Mishra meets Arjun and tells him that he was aware of what Arjun was up to and that he was lying about the reports. He threatens to expose Arjun if he is not careful about his actions. After school, Chandralekha visits Gangaram at his house and learns that he was the son of a single father who was a drunkard.

She finds out that Gangaram had an older brother and they both cooked meals at home or went out to eat after their mother’s death. Chandralekha agrees to help the three boys with their studies and asks Gangaram to take accountability for the fact that he made a mistake proposing to her. Gangaram apologises to the teacher and claims that he acted out after feeling left out by his friends.

On the other hand, Jugnu goes to meet Nabeed in order to crack a deal with him but gets insulted by the rival gang leader. Meanwhile, Tipu and Bunty get ready to attack the opium factory Shaolin style. They cut off the power at the factory and sneak inside where they only steal 50 kilos of opium because they’re honest thieves.

However, both men walk right into a group of 10 cops who are guarding the drugs. Bunty manages to escape but Tipu is captured and arrested. Arjun meets Tipu and learns the reason behind his attempted robbery of the opium crops from the factory.

Arjun hears the story of Tipu’s romance with Chandralekha and is moved so much so that he sets Tipu free. That night, Ganchi wakes up from a coma but is unable to speak. The next morning, Tipu gets upset when he learns that Jugnu had probably cracked a deal with Nabeed. The episode ends with Tipu and Bunty teaming up to teach rich men like Jugnu a lesson.

The Episode Review

This was one of the rather slow episodes of the show. It felt drawn long unnecessarily and one could have done without so many details that are given away in this episode. With that being said, there still is a lot of chaos that needs to be settled out before the show ends and the season finale will hopefully put the chaos to an end.

The performances from seasoned actors like Rajkumar Rao, Gulshan Devaiah, Dulquer Salmaan, and Gaurav Aadarsh Gouvrav is commendable but the child cast, especially Tanishq Chaudhary, steals the show with this one. I wish there was more of the late actor Satish Kaushik in this show considering this was his last project before his passing.

Overall, the show is on the right track toward its finale that could either close this season with a bang or open a new can of worms prompting at a second season.

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